Honey, I'm home!

Hello from the sunny south-west (Cork). Just like that, I'm home again. You guys are probably about as surprised as I am by my decision to return so soon, but nonetheless I am happy to be home. Long story short, although Vancouver is such a beautiful city, right now it's just not for me. Nonetheless, my trip was a great, and well needed break. If you've been following me on Instagram (@sadhbhers), then I guess you've probably noticed that I managed to see and do a whole lot while I was there, and I hope you enjoyed all the snippets I shared.

So, I guess this is just an update for all of you that might have thought I had fallen off the grid. I'm still here, alive and well (just once again battling jet-lag), and I'm excited to start sharing new content with you on a much more regular basis.

Talk soon,


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