Hello from Vancouver! It’s safe to say that the jet lag has well and truly worn off, and I’m in full job-search mode. We’ve moved around quite a bit since getting here; beginning in Grace’s aunts house, and then on to a hostel more central to the city of Vancouver. We’ll be moving into our apartment towards the end of this week, so I’m looking forward to the structure that will come with having our own place.

Right now, Tríona and I are out for coffee, and I’m looking at the outfits I shot for my blog with Eoin before moving to Vancouver. I pulled this look together on a windy Saturday. It’s the perfect outfit for when the Summer hasn’t quite arrived yet. It’s no secret that I love a great midi skirt, but sometimes it can be difficult to find one that suits my shape. I picked this one up from Pull & Bear on ASOS. The colour has quickly become one of my favourites, so I teamed it with a simple black and white combo; my black slip dress is from Penneys/Primark (old stock, but you can find slip dresses almost everywhere), and my white t-shirt is Marks & Spencer’s finest.

While I love this outfit, these pictures definitely make me miss home, and Eoin, a little bit more than I already did. The two of us have been like two peas in a pod for the longest time, and I think that comes across in how comfortable I am in front of the camera. A Summer apart is likely to be a challenge, but I’m excited to be here in such a beautiful city, with the best people.

Talk soon,

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