Jet Lag

If you’ve read my last blog post, or if you’re following me on Instagram (@sadhbhers), then you probably already know that I’ve moved to Canada for the Summer. On Tuesday, my boyfriend Eoin brought me to Dublin to see me off on this new adventure. This Summer will probably be our longest apart, and my longest time away from home and my family (all going according to plan!). I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t the type of person that didn’t get homesick every now and again, but thankfully I know that home is only a phone call away.

I flew into Vancouver with my friends  and Grace on Wednesday at around 1:00pm, after a grueling 10 hours of travelling. The time difference between Vancouver and Ireland is eight hours, so most of you are probably fast asleep as I write. Jet lag is a concept that I’ve never quite understood until now. By the time the evening rolls around, I’m well and truly wiped out, but I’m sure this feeling will (eventually) fade.

So far, we’ve spent most of our time setting up our lives here in Vancouver; finding the right bank and phone networks, and setting up social insurance numbers and ID cards. Aside from all that, we’ve been taking it pretty easy. I’m looking forward to keeping you all updated on our adventures right here on “Sadhbhers,” and on social (@sadhbhers across all channels).

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