Saturday, 27 January 2018

Bonjour Bruxelles!

Ah, Brussels. The infamous capital of Belgium and the unofficial capital of the European Union; a city of cultures (plural) and beautiful chocolate, food and architecture. If you've been following me on Instagram, you've probably already notices that at the beginning of this month myself and my friends ventured off to Brussels (along with the majority of Irish college students). The city is so photogenic that I thought I just had to share a few snaps with all of you!

D A Y  1

Day one of three in Brussels consisted of exploring the city. In the morning, we decided to go on a free walking tour, starting at the Grand Place. The tours seem to leave regularly and they're definitely a great way to get to know a little bit more of the city and its history.  The tour finished up just outside a series of Art museums so we decided to visit the infamous Magritte Museum. If you're an art lover, I would definitely recommend a visit! We grabbed a bite to eat on route back to the Grand Place and later that night we got dinner in Bia Mara - an Irish restaurant serving fresh fish! 

D A Y  2

Day two saw us venture off to Bruges by train. The journey took about an hour, and it was definitely worth it, even just to see the absolutely beautiful city. We spent the majority of the day wandering around, taking a stop for lunch (which was pretty disastrous - it's hard to find lunch spots in Belgium!) and later for waffles in The Waffle Factory. We also decided to climb the Belfry Tower - a medieval bell tower in the centre of Bruges.

D A Y  3

On our final day in Brussels we grabbed breakfast in a cute quirky cafe - Chicago Cafe, before heading to a vintage market, that hits Brussels on the first Sunday of every month (you can catch more details about that HERE). During the day, we also decided to try chocolates from some of Brussels most renowned chocolate shops, and of course we had to stop for waffles along the way in Maison Dandoy. Later that day we walked out to the European Parliament and had a look at its museum. The parliament itself wasn't open, but the museum was really cool - and it was free!

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Cologne Travel Guide

Sometimes we just need to disappear for a little while to catch up with parts of ourselves that we have forgotten or lost along the way.  Thankfully in this day and age, you don't need magic to disappear; all you need is a destination and a cheap RyanAir flight to get you there. If you've been following my journey over on my Instagram feed and Instagram stories, then I guess you already know that my month has been thus far filled with excitement and travelling to both new and old destinations. Cologne, (or Koln, whichever you so wish to use) is a place that I will always hold near to my heart. I first visited the city last year with Eoin, and during our trip to Germany this year, we decided that a return visit was definitely on the cards. Cologne is the fourth biggest city in Germany, following Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The city is an urban gem, filled with culture and located by the river Rhine. So from getting there, to what you're going to do while you are there, here's my complete guide on making the most of your stay in Cologne.

G E T T I N G   T H E R E

As I mentioned above, once you've found a destination, all you need is a cheap RyanAir flight to get you there, and thankfully we found just that! I booked my flights back in November, and they came to €50 return, so €25 each way, which is so reasonable considering the fact that if I was to get the bus home from college on the weekends it would cost me €15 one way! Our flight flew into the Cologne Bonn Airport, which was so useful as the train stops inside the airport on the regular, so there's no need to worry about how you're going to get from A to B once you reach the airport.

S T A Y I N G   T H E R E

While I wish that I could help you all out with the accommodation side of staying in Cologne, this wasn't any great issue for me as we were fortunate enough to stay in Eoin's grandmothers house in Eitorf, thirty minutes from Cologne via train during our stay in Germany. This really cut down on expenses for us, however if you're looking for a cheap stay for the duration of your visit, I'd definitely recommend checking out a few AirBnBs to get the full residential experience! In my opinion, three or four days is plenty of time to check out all the city has to offer.

G E T T I N G   A R O U N D

If you're planning on doing a lot of train travel during your stay, I'd definitely recommend getting a travel pass to cut down on expenses. However, if you're staying close to the city, this really isn't necessary because most of the top spots are in walking distance from the centre.

G O I N G   P L A C E S

There is so much to do and see in Cologne, from walking along the Rhine to doing a lil' bit of shopping, the city seems to have something for everyone. Thankfully I've managed to narrow down my list of things to do to the ones that you would absolutely love.

1. Schokoladen Museum

Colognes' Lindt chocolate museum is probably one of the coolest museums I've been in to date. This is a must for any chocolate lover. With it's own tropical garden, lots of interactive information and of course seeing the chocolate being made in real life, this museum is like a dream! And of course with loads of chocolates along the way, I couldn't think of a better tourist attraction than this! We arrived at the museum at about eleven, and it wasn't too busy. I would definitely recommend going early, before the crowds build up. For students, entrance is only €9, which definitely seems quite cheap for the overall experience. By the entrance of the museum there is the most beautiful chocolate café overlooking the river Rhine. We decided to pop in for a hot chocolate before braving the cold again, and it was definitely an experience worth recommending, with friendly staff and an overall chill environment.

2. Museum Ludwig

The Ludwig Museum is home to pieces of some of the world's greatest artists. Housing nearly all genres, there's something for everyone here. From pop-art to surrealism and everything in between, taking a trip to the museum is a must for any art lover. The main exhibition space changes about every four months. During our visit, the James Rosenquist exhibition was in place. If you're aiming to visit the museum before the exhibition changes in March, I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

3. Hohenzollern Bridge

More famously known as Cologne's love lock bridge, Hohenzollern bridge crosses the river Rhine and is almost completely covered with "love locks." To walk along the bridge is definitely a must, even if you're not planning on locking something on yourself! It's just really lovely to see so many happy couples and friends leaving behind their mark. Plus, the views on each end of the bridge are amazing.

4. Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral ranks in first place on TripAdvisor's list of things to do, and with good reason. The gothic cathedral took 500 years to build, and was completed in 1880. The building is huge, and you can see it from nearly all parts of the city! Going inside the cathedral is free, but you can leave a small donation if you like. There's absolutely no pressure to donate though, so if you don't think you can, then there is no need to worry about it!

5. Koelner Zoo

If you're following me on Instagram (@sadhbhers), then you've probably seen some of the best bits from my trip to the zoo! We spent the morning at the zoo, and it was so worth it. The zoo is home to Northern Europe's largest elephant park, and has such a great variety of animals to see. The feeding times of each animal are posted around the zoo, so you can catch all your favourites in action if you so wish! There's also an aquarium at the zoo, but we decided to give that a miss, just so we could squeeze a little more into our day elsewhere!

6. Köln Triangle

If you're looking for the best views of Cologne, a visit to the Köln Triangle is a must. From the top of the skyscraper, there's a 360° view of the city, with all it's most famous landmarks marked clearly on the glass surrounding the top level. Entrance to the building itself is free, but to get to the top of the skyscraper it costs €3, which is reasonably cheap. The building isn't that far from Hohenzollern Bridge, so once you start walking along the bridge away from the city centre, it won't be long until you stumble across the skyscraper.

While I've only covered a few of my favourite things to do in Cologne, the city has so much more to offer if you just explore the streets and let yourself wander for a little while! The city is engulfed by culture and history, coexisting with the beautiful modern day Germany, and is definitely one for the travel bucket list!

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Au Revoir 2017

2018 marks a new beginning. Sometimes we all need a fresh start, and is seems as though there is no time like the present for learning growth, and maybe even change. While we are all subject to a lot of pressure to set somewhat drastic goals for the new year ahead, I think it's also important to look back on the year gone by; the goals you once set yourself this time last year, the adventures you took, the challenges you faced and all you have learnt.

* * * * * * * * *

1. Trust your instinct
It's taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that most times, your gut instinct is right about almost everything; people, places and things. If something doesn't feel right, then it's probably not right for you, and that's okay. 

2. Forgiving does not mean you will forget
It takes less to be kind then it does to be unkind. Forgive often and learn to deal with the hurt that has gone before you. Don't let hurt consume you. Find a way to understand the past, and focus on the future.

3. Sometimes you will want to give up.. Don't
Unfortunately life doesn't come with an instructions manual, but even if it did, how many of us would really use it? Life is set to challenge us. Be prepared for hardships and happiness, times when you want to give up and those in which you wish you could relive it all again. And when you feel like giving up, keep fighting; you can do it.

4. You are stronger than you think
The concept of having a "comfort zone" is a myth. The comfort zone is that part of you that creates a monotonous routine for your everyday life and living. It is poisonous to live your life within a black and white comfort zone. Challenge yourself and experience new things. Find strength in the everyday.

5. Things won't always go your way
We can't plan life or determine any of the obstacles we are set to face. Plans don't always work out, and that's okay. It's not about the destination, it's the journey that counts. Just because your journey might be a lil' bit unexpected or very unplanned doesn't mean that you won't reach your end goal

6. Some days, weeks and even months will be harder than others
Some of us will just be a lil' unlucky sometimes. Without explanation, sometimes life will be hard, and that's okay. Just because Lady Luck has decided to steer clear of you at all costs doesn't mean that life isn't good. Surround yourself with the people that matter. Endure the storm, it will pass.

7. Have faith in humanity
Although we're living in a world of injustice, scarred by fear, there are still good people out there. Believe in humanity, ask for help when you need it and try to stay positive. Do for others what you would want them to do for you. Be kind.

8. Your money looks better in your bank account than on you
Save. For rainy days, getaways, those shoes you've been dreaming of. Just save. Money management is probably one of the most difficult concepts for a college student, but if you are willing to work hard to earn what you've got, then make sure you are willing to take care of it.

9. You don't always know what's going on in someone else's life
Think about all the things that the world doesn't know about you; how could you possibly know everything about your friends, family and peers. Be mindful of those around you. You do not know of the struggles they face. 

10. Take the multivitamins
Mind your body. Fuel yourself with the right things; take the multivitamins your mom is pestering you about, try to eat your fruit and veg, eat three meals a day. When you are hungry, fuel yourself. A healthy body creates a healthy mind.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Life Lately

Hola Chicas! Life has been beyond hectic lately. Between college, work and just about everything in between I feel like I haven't really had time to myself to do the things I love. Recently I decided that I should try to plan my days ahead in advance; so here I am, writing to you on a strictly limited "Sadhbh-time," penciled in just for you. Nonetheless, here's what's been going on in my life lately

1. Y E A R   T W O

If you're been following me for a while, then I guess you already know that I'm currently in second year of college; and if you haven't been, then now you know too! After a Summer of working two jobs, I feel like I assumed that this year would be a breeze, but as you can imagine I have been unpleasantly surprised. Between assignments, studying and a two hour journey home every weekend to work, things haven't quite been as easy as I expected. However, I feel like I wouldn't really be me if I didn't take on too much, so I'm sure I'll manage

2. T H E   O L D

I'm finally settling back into my old routine *wooo*, so hopefully this means I'll be able to deliver more content to you guys on a regular basis. Over the next few weeks I'll be setting a structure in place to make sure that you guys are all seeing my content weekly, if not twice a week. 

3. T H E   N E W

After a relatively overwhelming first year, as I've finally settled down into college for year two, I decided it was about time I got involved in something new. This year I've taken on a role as a staff writer for University College Cork's Motley magazine. For anyone that hasn't managed to pick up issue one, you can catch my very first article for the student magazine right HERE

4. M Y   S T Y L E

You might not have noticed, but this year I'm also making a conscious effort to wear the clothes and the trends that I love. Yes, some of my pieces may be slightly on the controversial side, but nonetheless I love experimenting with fashion. Lately I've been absolutely obsessing over designer dupes, and generally all things quirky/unusual

5. T H E  L O O K

As you can imagine, this look is an extension of my effort to wear the things I love and that I feel comfortable in. I absolutely adore oversized knits, and Zara pick has to be the most overworn one in my wardrobe to date! I love the crochet detail at the front and its just so cosy! The jeans are of course my over worn, over ripped Topshop faves. I teamed them with a pair of Penneys/Primark fishnets, just to finish off the look. I am absolutely obsessed with my Chloé bag dupe here - it looks so similar to the real deal, and at a fraction of the price! I picked this up from a hidden gem of a website; YesStyle and it is so much better than I expected it to be! Delivery took the bones of a month, but I can assure you that it was worth the wait!

Featured Outfit
Jumper, Zara
Jeans, Topshop
Shoes, Dr Marten
Fishnet Tights, Penneys/Primark
Hairband, Penneys

Until next time,

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