101 Reasons to be Happy

Sometimes the world feels like it's giving you 100 reasons to be sad, mad, confused, upset and more times all of the above, all at once. When it feels like that, I think it's important to remember that there are always (at least) 101 reasons to be happy. So I've put some of these together here for you, in one place, for when you need a reminder that life is more beautiful than it feels. 


  1. Hot chocolate (with miniature marshmallows)
  2. Dogs wearing booties 
  3. Your first coffee in the morning
  4. The stars on a clear night
  5. People who post pictures of their pets on Instagram
  6. People who post pictures of their dodgy Sunday dinner on Instagram
  7. Swimming in the sea
  8. Pancakes 
  9. The smell of a new book
  10. Dancing with friends
  11. Dancing on your own
  12. A takeaway on a week night
  13. The episode of Room to Improve with Daniel O'Donnell
  14. Flowers 
  15. Singing in the car
  16. Spiders that stay in one corner of your room and don't threaten to kill you
  17. A smile from a stranger
  18. Strawberries 
  19. Older people using social media
  20. A good Spotify playlist
  21. A walk in the sun
  22. Long drives and 99s 
  23. Pizza
  24. Days at the beach
  25. The smell of the rain on a stormy day 
  26. Art
  27. Your favourite song
  28. Your favourite memory 
  29. Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew ice cream
  30. Birds singing 
  31. The smell of Christmas trees 
  32. Sitting by the fire
  33. Ireland's Fittest Family 
  34. When someone adds you to their private story 
  35. Bob's Burgers
  36. Nutella
  37. Art Galleries
  38. Going for coffee
  39. Brunch with your friends
  40. Chocolate milkshakes 
  41. People who have millions of house plants
  42. People who accidentally kill every plant they've ever owned
  43. Cinema popcorn 
  44. A text from someone you miss
  45. Successfully sneaking your own snacks into the cinema
  46. The sound of the sea
  47. A full moon 
  48. Waking up just before your alarm goes off
  49. Going to bed without even setting an alarm in the first place
  50. The Innocent Apple Juice 
  51. Farmers' Markets 
  52. Umbrellas on a rainy day
  53. Your favourite jumper
  54. Group chats with friends
  55. Cats wearing apples as hats 
  56. Shrek 1 and 2
  57. Croissants 
  58. Chain messages that older people send around
  59. Movie nights
  60. That one friend who also sends you the chain message
  61. When someone sends you a funny meme because it reminded them of you
  62. Buying a new book 
  63. Picnics
  64. Window shopping 
  65. A freshly made bed
  66. Meryl Streep 
  67. Sunrise
  68. A grand ole stretch in the evenings 
  69. The Late Late Toy Show
  70. Lidl chocolate chip cookies
  71. The smell of freshly baked bread 
  72. Scones
  73. Any movie with Meryl Streep 
  74. A new tube of toothpaste
  75. Cheese 
  76. Spending time with family 
  77. Cooking something new
  78. Lewis Capaldi interviews 
  79. New music from your favourite artist
  80. When a friend sends you a song they think you'll like
  81. An Post's free postcards during lockdown
  82. Sunday mornings 
  83. Exciting and unexpected letter in the post 
  84. Getting tax back from Revenue at the end of the year
  85. Staying up late chatting to friends
  86. Summer 
  87. Tight hugs
  88. Lavender scented candles 
  89. Putting on a new pair of pyjamas
  90. Soup on a cold day
  91. Dipping biscuits into a cup of tea
  92. The colour yellow 
  93. Christmas decorations 
  94. Funny jokes
  95. When your favourite song plays on the radio 
  96. Birthday cakes 
  97. Breakfast in bed 
  98. Old photographs
  99. When your favourite book gets turned into a TV series or movie 
  100. Chocolate milk 
  101. Fluffy socks

Chat soon, 



  1. I love this particularly the ones about chain messages, private stories and of course dogs.


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