Fashion Week: Your Questions Answered

I've been getting a lot of questions about London Fashion Week ever since I attended recently. The whole concept surrounding fashion week, and fashion month, can be hard to get your head around if you haven't been entirely immersed in the industry. Of course, I'll be posting more about my experience as soon as I can, but for now here are some of your most commonly asked questions, answered. 

Each year the fashion world sees two ‘Fashion Months,’ one beginning in February, and another in September, each lasting four weeks, showcasing designers’ latest collections in the fashion capitals of the world, namely; New York, London, Milan, and Paris (in that exact order). In February, designers showcase their Autumn/Winter collections, while in September designers debut their Spring/Summer collections for the following year.

It’s only Spring, why are we seeing Autumn/Winter collections this month?
Fashion month showcases designer collections two seasons ahead of time. This gives buyers and editors time to choose pieces they intend to purchase or feature in advance of when they arrive in store. 

How long does a fashion show last?
Typically, shows last about ten minutes, but they’re followed by exhibition style presentations which can last a few hours. 

Who goes to fashion week?
Fashion week is an invite-only affair. The designer’s public relations team compile a list of suitable industry players that might be interested in purchasing pieces from the collection or featuring it in their publication. Tickets can also be requested through making direct contact with a show’s PR coordinator. 

How long does it take to design a collection?
On average, it takes around 18 months for a designer to compile an entire collection.

Is there an Irish equivalent of Fashion Week?
Here in Cork, Cork Fashion Week showcases some of our local and national talents. Founded by Lockdown PR, the week-long event usually takes place in the Autumn. Details of the annual event can be found at

In the capital, Dublin Fashion Festival also showcases some of Ireland’s upcoming designers, with a host of events taking place at various locations across the city. For more, see
Hopefully this has somewhat brought clarity to your perception of the industry, and its most important times of the year. I'm looking forward to sharing more insider fashion week goss with you all in the coming weeks. 

Until next time, 

This article was originally published in the 2018/2019 University Express, Issue 5, on 19/02/2019

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