How to Pick the Perfect Debs Dress

Hola Chicas! If you're reading this, then I'm guessing your're on the hunt for the perfect Debs/Occasion dress. Some of you may be a lil' bit on the last minute side, and some of you might even be a tad early for a mega purchase, but nonetheless, you've come to the right place - the same rules apply regardless of the date! I've left some links to my current fave online steals below

1. Choose Something Re-Wearable 

If you're going to your Debs, then I'm guessing you're somewhere between the age of 17-20, so there's no point in splashing all your cash on a dress you'll never even wear again. If spending a little bit extra means that you'll find something that's likely to fit well into your wardrobe, then just go for it! My Debs dress was actually a two piece, which meant it was really easy to find new ways to rework it

2. Think Outside the Box

Your Debs is probably one of the few times that you'll be able to get mega dressed up in your favourite outfit. There's only one thing that can really ruin that moment - and that's if someone else turns up in the same dress as you. Try to avoid the generic Cari's Closet and Fran & Jane (because trust me on this one - everyone can tell exactly where you got it and pretty much exactly how much you paid for it). Every city has it's own hidden gems when it comes to dress shopping, so do some research and find yours!

3. Dress as You

My pet peeve is when people complain about girls who wear something different to their Debs. As young adults, it's time to realise that you've all reached the age where you should begin to respect self expression through clothing choices. If you want to wear a short dress, or even a suit, then go for it. After all, those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter.

4. Don't be Afraid to DIY

If you feel like you've almost found the perfect dress but it's just missing a lil' something then don't be afraid to add something in yourself to spruce it up! A belt is always a good call, but don't forget that accessories are everything, and a classy pair of earrings are usually a game changer.

5. Get a Second Opinion
Shopping is always better when you've got someone else to dish out some real advice. For me, that someone has got to be my mom, but you can rope in pretty much anyone that you know will give you an honest opinion!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Nice post! I don't have my debs until next year but I think it is never too early to get an idea what I want to wear.


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