Following trends: the age old controversial topic. Everyday it seems like every other blogger, fashionista and millennial are posting all about their newfound will to stop following trends, claiming that they will finally "find themselves" (because they were somehow lost before). But are trends really that bad? Do they make you lose yourself? As an avid fashionista, sitting here flicking through the pages of my latest issue of Vogue , the obvious answer has to be no.

I don't mean to be rude in saying that. If you feel like you need to wear something that totally distances yourself from all trends imaginable, then that's okay too. Fashion means something different to everyone. For me it's all about appreciation. I think it's important to appreciate the "trendsetters," the designers and individuals that keep the industry moving forward. Their concepts and ability to innovate in the fashion world is beautiful, and I'm sure that they all deserve far more recognition then we're giving them

They deserve more recognition because they make us feel something. They make us feel different or the same, confident or quiet and everything in between. Life is all about doing you, but who says wearing the latest trends is going to cause a mega identity crisis? So if you haven't already guessed, today's look is all about appreciating the "trendsetters." After all, who knows where I'd be without growing up with a fashion mom who introduced me to the greatest fashion icons in the world, and who constantly inspires both what I wear and who I am. 

Where would I be without studying the pages of Vogue or watching The Devil Wears Prada for the first time? Who would I be if someone took away all the layers of knowledge of the fashion industry that I've built up during my life? It's a funny question, and not one that many people ask, but look at it like this; where would an avid athlete be if their favourite sport had never been introduced to them?

So this is the question I pose; why are so many people so against following trends? I guess I'll never fully understand the answer, if I'm honest. I'll never understand the public statements that people make vowing to never again wear a trend, because quite frankly it's a bit ridiculous. "Be who you are, and wear whatever makes you happy" is my life motto, and I refuse to stop wearing something just because everyone else is too

Shirt, Forever 21 | Fishnets, Penneys/Primark | Jeans, Topshop | Shoes, Dr Martens | Sunglasses, H&M

I've teamed some of my current favourite fashion and makeup trends together to create this look. Fishnet tights, ripped mom jeans, my fave docs, a couple of Penneys (primark) chokers and an overdrawn lip. Basic? I'd prefer to think that I'm just appreciating some of my favourite fashion icons. I've popped clickable links to pieces similar to the ones I'm wearing below


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