Sadhbher's Christmas Gift Guide

If you blink 7 times and click your heels together, Christmas will be right on your doorstep - so just before we do all that, I've put together a super affordable Christmas gift guide, just to get you through the season, even on a student budget!


I'm a firm believer in the motto "it's the thought that counts," so I guess the most difficult thing about Christmas shopping is trying to find something thoughful and affordable. This year my student budget is screaming framed photograph. I feel like it's one gift that never disappoints. Primark/Penneys always have such a cute range of frames - making this an uber affordable option. And of course, if you're not feeling those cheesy vibes, there's so many other budget options - from a standard scented candle to cute keyrings - you can catch them all below

Spending larger amounts of money at Christmas is always difficult, but sometimes there's just no avoiding it. A good quality pair of jim-jams never fails to impress, and of course for all those makeup lovers, Christmas is literally the best time of the year - we can finally say hello to way more cute gift sets than we could ever ask for! If that's not your thing, nothing beats a good handbag - you can catch most of my faves over on Asos.

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