Layering Up

If there's one thing that college life has taught me so far, it has to be that there is nothing more important that layering up during these cold Winter months. While pretty dresses and metallic skirts have featured in some of my most popular outfit posts, there's no denying that I swiftly grab my favourite woolly knit after every shoot. Although I'm usually an ambassador for the wear whatever makes you feel beautiful movement, this Winter seems the be the coldest yet, so I figured that it's time to team dress accordingly with the wear what you want squad in order to survive this chill.

Nothing says dress accordingly more than wearing 487 layers on a daily basis. While this can sometimes end up being the most tragic decision of your entire lifetime (reminding you of the movie Shrek, where Shrek himself affirms Donkey that "Ogres are like onions, onions have layers."), it can work out pretty well sometimes too, depending on what you choose to layer up on - and I've popped all my faves below:


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