New Year, New You?

Happy New Year! It's that time of the year for setting goals and cleaning up your life, for the overly optimistic to overcrowd the gym, and for every gal you know to remind you that they they're starting a new book; 2019. While for some, the idea of closing one book and moving onto another seems exciting, that's just not how the world works. We don't live our lives from the pages of a book, that ends each year, and January isn't an opportunity to rewrite your story, but rather to begin a new chapter.

With the countless promises of a life-changing 2019 comes the pressure to create a whole new set of goals and resolutions. Despite the best intentions, for most these don't last for more than a month. I like to take my resolutions seriously. I don't believe that every single day is an opportunity for a new beginning, but instead that every day is a chance to mould yourself into the person you want to be. It takes a lot more time and work than anyone can even do in a year to become the best version of themselves. With that in mind, I like to write my goals and resolutions around who I want to be rather than what I want to look like, what I'd like to wear or where in the world I'd like to go next.

Everyone wants to change some part of their lives. We all want the perfect lives, but maybe we get a little bit confused with what 'perfect' should mean. Do you want to exercise more to look good, or to feel healthy? Do you want to volunteer for a charity because you want to be seen as a caring person, or because you care? We're all so caught up in the concept of "doing it for the 'gram" today, that the reasons behind our goals, and what motivates us to achieve is often unrealistic.

So today I challenge you with this; find something that speaks to you and build your resolutions and goals for the new year around that. Be realistic, be optimistic, stay true to yourself. Find your spark and ignite a fire.

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