10 Festive Facts you didn't know about me

'Tis the season of Christmas movie's, mince pies and overplaying your favourite Christmas songs. I've been talking to all of you a lot recently, and while I love sharing gift guides and my favourite outfits, you guys don't know a whole lot else about me. And so, in the spirit of Christmas, I've decided to share 10 festive facts that you probably didn't know about me with you all.

1. Favourite Christmas song?
Do they know it's Christmas, Band Aid 30

2. Favourite Christmas movie?
Either The Grinch or The Holiday

3. What's on your Christmas Dinner plate?
Duck, ham, stuffing, mashed and roast spuds and of course your standard Christmas veg; carrots and brussel sprouts.

4. Favourite Christmas dessert?
Although its not specifically a Christmas dessert, I love having tiramisu at Christmas.

5. Where do you usually spend Christmas?
I spend Christmas at home with my immediate family. There's only 5 of us, so it's always a very relaxed day.

6. Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts?
While I do like getting presents, I prefer giving than receiving. I love trying to suss out what would make the best gift for my family/friends.

7. What would be your dream place to visit over the festive season?
While I love nothing better than to be at home by the fire on Christmas Day, I'd love to visit Lapland some year during the festive season.

8. What's your favourite Christmas tradition?
We don't really have many proper Christmas traditions in our household, but every year on either the 23rd or 24th of December, myself and Eoin meet up to exchange gifts. We usually just have a chill day, either watching a movie or going for a walk.

9. Is your Christmas Tree real or fake?
We always get a real Christmas Tree. I love the smell, and the drama that comes with trying to get the tree into the house! We bought this year's tree yesterday. You can find out more about that HERE

10. Have you ever had a White Christmas?
I think it's snowed over the Christmas period twice in my life; once when I was too young to remember, and another when I was in first year of secondary school. I love messing around in the snow, but I absolutely hate the drama that comes with trying to go anywhere when it's icy out.

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