Winter Woollies

Hello November! Winter never really hits me until just after Halloween. Suddenly the days are shorter and the nights are linger into the morning. The world feels colder, the wind blows just a bit harder and every day feels slightly an episode of Peppa Pig, where Peppa manages to totally destroy herself jumping in muddy puddles. It's the season for upside down umbrellas, a few extra marshmallows in your hot chocolate and of course wearing a hat on any or every occasion possible. 

For me, this time of the year means that it's finally time to break out the Winter jumpers. My OG followers can probably even guess which of my favourites will be making a grand return to my wardrobe! If there's any area of fashion that I feel I do "right," it's woolly jumpers! I've featured a lot of my favourites over on my Instagram lately (@sadhbhers if you're looking), and I always always get questions about where they're from. So finally I've put all my favourites in one place, complete with links to the full looks (and similar pieces). So while my shopping ban continues, I hope that this inspires your next shopping spree.

So there you have it! I really hope that you guys all enjoyed this style post. I'm really looking forward to getting creative here at Sadhbhers this Winter. Don't forget, if you're looking for me during the week, make sure to check out my Instragram (@sadhbhers).

Until next time,

P.S. All the links above are Affiliate Links (I'm just a broke gal trying to earn some €€€ so feel free to click lol).

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