First year of college can seem daunting at the best of times. Lately I have been absolutely inundated with messages on what to expect from first year of college, and while I'm 210% no expert, I have definitely picked up a few tips along the way on how to survive first year, and how to make a home away from home. So due to popular demand, here are some of my top tips on to make the most of your time as a fresher. 

If you haven't noticed, I absolutely adore quotes, and one the has really resonated with me lately is this; "The world hates change, but the only thing change has ever brought about is progress." Each word is so undeniably true. Change is never easy, and perhaps at this stage of your life heading to college is the biggest change you've been challenged by yet. As a young adult, adapting to new environments and new people can be overwhelming. What's most important right now is understanding that everything is going to be shiny and new. For some this may be refreshing, and for others maybe it's a little scary. Try to embrace this newness, and allow yourself to be open to the experiences that college life have to offer. 

Become a "yes" person, at least for a few weeks. If someone asks you to lunch, or even for a night out, just say yes. Even if you know that you'd rather be pretty much anywhere else in the entire world, give it at least one shot. Take people up on every invitation, go to every event and just be yourself along the way. Meet as many new people as you can. Making new friends in college can be a little daunting, but the more people you meet the more likely you are to find the ones you really click with.

If you ask any student that's gotten through first year of college for one golden piece of advice, I'm sure you will quickly notice one topic resurfaces every time they reminisce on their time as a fresher; going to lectures. While college is of course a place that allows you to find yourself, it's important to remember that it's primarily a place of learning. I know you're probably cringing at this, but realistically you've just paid €3,000+ to get an education. Don't waste your time or money. Go to your lectures, take notes and stay alert. 

While it's so important to go to lectures, tutorials and classes, most of the work that will determine your grade will be done at the library. I'm not implying that you should be there 24/7, or even at all during freshers week, but try to make time as the year goes on to make study a regular thing. Keep on top of all of your notes and try to get comfortable with using your library and its facilities

 This is your chance for fresh starts and new beginnings; make the most of it! 

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