5 Products Your Makeup Bag NEEDS

Guess who's back.. Back Again.. Welcome back to SADHBHERS.IE! It's been a while, but exam season has finally come to an end and I am so ready to get stuck into everything from blogging to working and all the adventures in between. Today's post is (obviously) makeup related. I've put together five of my favourite products that I think everyone should own. Beginners take note - these pieces and super easy to use, so thankfully it's difficult to go wrong! I've popped some clickable links to all my faves down at the bottom of this post

1. A Good Mascara

The keyword here is "good." We all have good makeup days and bad makeup days, and while these can't be totally avoided, a good mascara can definitely minimise the extent of the tragedy. For me, no mascara can trump the Benefit They're Real Mascara. I am so due a new one (hence the battered tube). While there's obviously loads of duped for this one, I haven't found any other mascara that can live up to it!

2. Eye Shadow Primer

Ever since I bought this MAC eye shadow primer back in March, my life has completely changed (well, that's a bit dramatic, but there has been a relative change). Eye shadow primer has definitely become a must in my makeup bag. If your eye shadow, or even your mascara tends to smudge during the day then this is 10/10 what you need in your makeup bag

3. Setting Spray

I feel like there is an undying myth that you will inevitably break the bank if you set foot into any MAC store, and while this is true, I think so many people don't realise that a lot of their products have miniature versions too. I picked up a mini Prep & Prime Fix+ Spray a couple of months ago, just to test it out before committing to buy the full bottle. This set me back €10, but it was definitely worth a try. It's so difficult to figure out what products suit your skin best, but after testing this out I'm pretty sure I'll be making a repurchase

4. Concealer

When I look for a concealer I generally tend to aim to buy one that will suit all areas I need it for. I'm so not up for splashing out on multiple concealers, so when I popped into MAC a couple of months ago, I had a chat with one of the sales assistants and he helped me pick out the one that would suit my skin best, from problem areas to under-eyes and everything in between. While this was a little pricey, the tiniest bit of this product goes such a long way, so in the long run I'm pretty confident that spending a little more now will ultimately save money in the future, or at least that's what I'm telling myself..

5. A Neutral Lip Shade that Suits your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect lippy is definitely all about trial and error. I always tend to buy products that are too light for my complexion, so when I picked out this shade I decided to go a little bit darker. Everyone's ideal lipstick and shades are going to be different, but I think it really helps if you have a chat with a sales assistant, after all, they're only there to help! My current favourite is from Kiko, in shade 105

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