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I feel like I've been so MIA lately from almost everything; my blog, my social media accounts, and well.. life really. I've never been the kind of person that takes a step back from things when it's all getting a little bit too much, but lately I've decided that it's time to slow down a little, and take time to live. So I guess this post is dedicated to my new lease of life, some cute holiday pics and of course, my favourite new Summer outfit

Top, Zara | Pants, Zara | Shoes, Primark/Penneys | Bracelet, Pandora

If you've been following me on snapchat (sadhbhersblogs), then I guess you've probably noticed that I went on a cruise with my family to visit my brother. While I'm the kind of person that never skips a lecture, I somehow convinced myself  (under the strong influence of my family and friends) to skip a full week of college to head off on this trip. Lot's of things have been happening in life lately that have made me realise that life is not all about the grades you get at the end of the year, or the amount of achievements you can fit into your CV - but more about the memories you make along the way and all the people you share them with. 

I guess this outfit in itself is a tribute to my will to live a little bit more. It's so edgy and different - I guess you could say it's a real love or hate look (judging by all the strange looks I got!), but I love it. I love how Summery this pants/t-shirt combo is - it's just really fresh and really me. 

We visited so many beautiful places along the way - I've thrown some of my favourite snaps into this post, and while they should have been the highlight of the trip, for me it was definitely all the best bits were spent taking some time out with my family, and catching up with my brother, who we haven't seen since Christmas.

Until next time,

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