Town Mouse

So much has changed since I last updated you guys on city life. Everything is so different here, and I guess it reminds me of a book I had as a child; The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, the town mouse living a luxurious city life, and the country mouse enjoying the security of its own home. While my life is far from lavish, it is very different to country life - and I guess that's probably the biggest change that I've had to experience so far

There's so much I love about the city, especially when I compare this big bad world to my home in rural west Cork, but just like the country mouse it seems as though something is missing, and it's hard to figure out what that something is

There's something about home that can't ever be replaced. Something about the winding roads and the rolling sea that never seems to be far from thought. At the same time, there's something about becoming the city mouse that makes city life so desirable - but I guess being able to go home every weekend really creates a balance in my life

Today's outfit is really city mouse inspired, but of course I've managed to add a little bit of what home means to me with my favourite leaf necklace. It's so delicate, yet it makes such a statement.

To complete the City Mouse look, I popped on my favourite Primark/Penneys Heels and got my hands on a cute pair of Topshop pants. I really love the bright grey colour - it's so versatile and transitional


Your favourite Town Mouse,

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