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Another day, another outfit! It's been a while since I've shared some of my current go-to pieces with you guys, but don't worry - there's lots more to come in the coming weeks. Today's look is all about staying youthful, innocent and playful. Life is too short to follow the rules - and today's outfit really embodies that.

Jacket, Zara // Top, Zara // Jeans, Boohoo // Shoes, Primark.Penneys

It seems as though everyone has a khaki green military style jacket at the moment, so as you can imagine I was delighted when I found this piece in Zara. I always keep an eye out for something unique and different - so when I saw this jacket I fell in love. The embroidery on the back is just so fitting in today's society, where everyone's trying too hard to grow up too fast. I, for one, am content with staying young and innocent for as long as possible

For me, life is about laughing, even when you really shouldn't and dancing when you know you can't. It's about early mornings and late nights and all the memories made along the way. 

But I guess more often than not we forget. We forget to laugh and love, and sing and dance. So today's look is dedicated to staying green, youthful and optimistic. I've paired my favourite high waisted Boohoo jeans with a recent Zara purchase. I absolutely adore this top. It's really different and quirky!

As for the shoes? Well, of course I teamed this look with my all time favourite Primark/Penneys brogues. Although they may be getting a bit tattered and over-worn, I don't think I'm ever going to not love them!

Until next time,

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