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I'd be lying if I said 2020 wasn't trying to do me dirty. It's funny how life can be so utterly chaotic yet so calm at the same time. Sometimes it feels like I'm living in the centre of a hurricane. While chaos engulfs everything around me, all I can do is just sit back and watch it happen. Any sudden moves will just send me flying into the storm. So life happens at a snail's pace for a little while instead, and I guess that's okay if it means that all the chaos will stop for a little while.

I've always felt a deep uncertainty about what I'm doing with my life, my time and my energy, and it's safe to say that the impact of Covid-19 has well and truly exasperated this feeling. It's a strange time to be preparing for life after college. Without any foolproof plans or graduate jobs lined up, if feels like the next leg of my journey is going to be even more tumultuous than the last. But that's okay, I guess. Life wouldn't really be exciting if it was easy or predictable.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't struggling lately with processing all this change, but I guess that's a fair response to life right now. I've been trying everything and anything to stay as positive as possible: running; writing, playing music, swimming, you name it. It's disheartening to see so many posts on social media about how these things are going to significantly improve your mindset, but the truth is, life just isn't that simple. While there's lots of tools that help weather the storm, they can't quite make the storm itself disappear.

Regardless of all the uncertainty, the isolation and the endless days spent at home, life goes on, but just a little differently than before. It's reassuring to know that we're pretty much all in the same position. Wondering when all this madness will end, and what life will look like when it does. While I'd usually be the first to complain about a mountain of college work, in a way I'm thankful for the distraction it provides, if it means that I'm spending less time thinking about the situation we're in now.

Chat soon,


  1. I think we are all in the same boat with being grateful for college work! It can be such a pain but I don't mind doing it right now as otherwise I'd be bored to tears.
    Stay safe

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