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I've been thinking a lot lately about my online footprint, and how I use the internet to share content. It's crazy to know that something you post online today might be seen in Australia tomorrow, or Indonesia the next. Once you post something online, whether you're sharing a funny picture or you've just written a new blog post, it's there for everyone to see, not just your friends and family. Not even just the people in the country you're living in.

If you're following me on Twitter, then I guess you've probably already noticed that I've recently been trying to manage my online footprint. I'm deleting my old Twitter account and setting up a new one. While I've shared so much positivity on my account over the past 5 years, I'm pretty sure I've shared a lot more negativity, so I'm excited to let it go. I've set up my new account HERE (@sadhbhers), if you want to follow along.

While I've only been really thinking about my Twitter footprint lately, it's probably unsurprising for you all to know that ever since I set up this blog, I've been cautious about what I share online. I don't like to lay out my personal details on this website. After all, they could end up anywhere. I had my first major blogging scare about 2 years ago, when I noticed that some of my traffic was coming from a sexually explicit site. Naturally, I was completely freaked out. I never share any pictures of me with little/no clothes. After all, I am a fashion blogger. So why would a site like that link to me?

In the end, it was just a spam bot pushing traffic to my blog through a random website, but since then I've been completely alert of the consequences of everything I post. There's 3 rules I generally follow whenever I post online;

1. If you wouldn't want your nan to see it, don't share 
2. If you're in a bad mood, try to avoid posting online
3. Ask yourself how your post creates value for yourself or other people

So if your Tweet, Instagram or Facebook post doesn't fit within these rules, ask yourself if it's really necessary. 

Until tomorrow,

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