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A lot happens in a year. We grow, and change, and meet new people. We learn, we laugh we love and we cry. As the year draws to an end, I love taking time to look back on everything I've done. While most people aren't too keen on New Year's Resolutions, each year I put together a new set, in line with the type of person I want to be. It's nice to see how your experiences can shape who you are. Today's post is a complete review of my year, January - December, taking a look at some of my highest points.


January was such a busy month for me. Keeping in line with the past few years, I rang in the New Year with my boyfriend, Eoin and my sister, Molly. At the beginning of the month, I visited Brussels with my friends Katie, Tríona and Nicola, and Cologne and Dusseldorf with Eoin. Later in the month I settled back into College, and tried to set out some kind of routine for myself.

In February, I interviewed Aisling of the Nu Wardrobe for Motley Magazine. This was the first proper interview I had ever done, so I was so excited. You can find a link to the article HERE. This year myself and Eoin also had our first proper Valentine's Day. We usually don't do anything for it, but this year we decided to live the cringe couple life, date night and present included.

The month of the big storm. It was so odd to see the snow falling in March? This month I also really began working towards securing a placement for my third year of BComm International with Irish in University College Cork. CV and Interview prep was well underway. March is also my birth month! The girls picked up my favourite food from Hey Presto, which has since closed down, and we had a nice quiet night in. This month I also wrote a blog post, entitled For my younger self, which got such an overwhelmingly amazing response. If you haven't read it, see HERE.

April was a month for study. With exams just around the corner, I spent most of my time in the library. I also secured my college placement, and started planning my Summer. I was awarded a Quercus College Scholarship in the middle of the month based on my first year academic results.

May was probably my busiest month. I finished my exams, and headed off inter-railing for a month with Eoin. We had such an amazing time, and we made so many incredible memories. This was definitely the highlight of my Summer, if not my entire year! It's great to escape for a while every now and again.

In June, we headed home and were landed straight back into reality! I worked two jobs this Summer; teaching swimming with Irish Water Safety as part of the Summer Weeks programme, and also in my local pub. It definitely wasn't easy, but I had a great time along the way.

July was a month full of hard work. Between my two jobs, I was working every day, so I didn't have time for much else. I was so lucky with the weather this year, which definitely made teaching swimming outdoors a whole lot easier, and more enjoyable. Outside classes, I went swimming every day this month!

In August, we had a family wedding. It was nice to get dressed up, and of course to meet up with so many people that I've lost touch with. I spent most of this month preparing for my driving test. I was so delighted when my tester told me I had passed!

In September, I began my work placement with AM O'Sullivan PR. It's my first proper 9:00am - 5:30pm job, so it was definitely an adjustment from spending my days either working on the beach or at the pub!

In October, my mom won graduated from Sherkin Island's DIT BA in Visual Arts, and went on to win the RDS Taylor Art Award for her undergraduate work At Home, At War. She exhibited in the RDS for a whole week. The Cork Jazz Festival also took place in October. Myself and Eoin took in the street music, and went to a performance in the Everyman.

In November, I got my first car! It's still in the pinch myself stage, and I can't believe the amount of freedom it's given me. It's definitely one of the best milestone moments of the year.

And now here we are! This year has gone so fast. I've learnt so much, and changed so much ever since I set last years resolutions, but that's a conversation for another day. I'll be finishing up at work on the 21st for Christmas, and on the 26th, myself and Eoin will be heading back to Cologne for the third year in a row. I'm looking forward to bringing all of you along with me.

Until tomorrow,

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