My Top 5 Favourite YouTubers

Winter is my favourite time of the year (in case you haven't already guessed). It's a time for wooly jumpers, hot chocolate, and of course vegging out on your favourite TV shows, Netflix series and YouTube videos. YouTube is one of my favourite platforms at the moment. I love seeing how individuals can get creative using only the tools they have available to them, and their imagination. No studios, no fancy set-up. Today I've decided to share some of my favourite YouTubers with you all. So while the weather may be awful at the moment, hopefully watching these will give you something to look forward to!

1. Safia Nygard
Safiya Nygard has been my #1 ever since she left BuzzFeed to set up her own channel. Her videos are so quirky, and they always make me laugh. Most of Safiya's videos are pretty silly, like "I Wore Thigh High Uggs fo a Week," or "I dressed like it was 1987," but I guess that's what makes me love her so much.

Most people will either love or hate Gary Vaynerchuk. There's no in-between. I love Gary. I find his videos so motivating, and they always give me the kick-start I need to dive in to any new project or venture, or even to help me figure out what I'm doing with my life at 20. If you're in need of some real no BS motivation, you should definitely check his channel out. 

Casey Neistat is also known as the founder of modern Vlogging. He started his channel 4 years ago, in an era where vlogging mainly consisted of a person logging their day via video. Casey takes vlogging to a whole new level, and watching his videos is like watching a mini-movie.

Who isn't watching Erika Fox's YouTube channel this time of the year? Erika (aka Retro Flame) always does the best Vlogmas. It really gives a great insight into life in New York at Christmas time. Erika has always been one of my favourite bloggers/vloggers. I even met her at one of her meet-up events back in first year of college!

If you haven't already heard of Mollerina, you should definitely look her up. She's such a down-to-earth, no BS Irish gal living her best life. I love finding people that are the same age as me with unbelievable YouTube channels. Molly puts so much work into her videos, and they always give me a good lol. 

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