Festive Sparkle

Happy Tuesday! Christmas is fast-approaching, so it's safe to say that I'm in full on shopping mode. I love getting all dolled up for the festive season, and so Christmas is a great excuse for a new purchase, and I have my eye on a few sparkly favourites. There are three times in the year when it's considered completely acceptable to break out the sparkly gúna; Christmas, the New Year and your Birthday.

I (unfortunately) am not competent enough to host any sort of birthday bash that might render a sparkly dress, so that leaves me with a short period over the festive season to dress as extra as myself. Despite that, every year when Christmas rolls around I find myself completely struggling to find exactly what I manage to conjure up in my head (I'm pretty sure most of what I'm looking for doesn't exist irl), so this year I've made a conscious effort to keep my eye out for all things that sparkle and I've compiled some of my favourites here for you too. 

So whether its a quiet "jeans and a nice top" trip to your local, or a proper night out with the gals, I'd like to think that there's something here for everyone.

Until tomorrow,

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