Breaking Habits

Each new year comes with many positive changes; New Year's Resolutions, fresh beginnings and another book of twelve chapters, twelve beginnings. It seems as though making a change should be easy at the best of times, but when we think about change, we generally think about how it can help us. How will change advance our interests? How can change get me to where I want to be? In a world scarred by materialism, it's easy to be self-centred or self-absorbed. 

I wrote an article recently for Motley Magazine, one of University College Cork's student publications, interviewing the brains behind "The Nu Wardrobe". If you haven't heard of the sustainable fashion brand, you should definitely check out their website HERE. Talking to Aisling of "The Nu Wardrobe" definitely put a lot of things into perspective for me about fashion and life in general really. All too often we forget how our actions make an impact on the wider world. Problems that are far away seem irrelevant, while those that are right in front of us are often avoidable. When we pick up a t-shirt in Penneys for €3, generally all that springs to mind is *bargain*, or when we choose to use plastic straws on a night out, we don't tend to consider its environmental consequences.

While our environmental impact seems to be exponentially growing on a daily basis, this can be easily connected to the choices we make. Do you recycle, or just pop it in the bin? Do you use unnecessary amounts of plastic, or when you're shopping do you try to avoid extra waste? While it's easy to brush our environmental impact under the carpet, pretending that nothing is happening, the choices we make ultimately determine who we are, and how we impact the world.

The same can be said for most other choices we make on a daily basis. How we choose to interact with our family, our friends, our peers, our neighbours and even strangers passing us on the street says a lot about who we are and who we want to be. In the words of Amelia Earhart, "a single act of kindness throws roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees." The domino effect can be a very powerful force, if we use it correctly. 

Jacket, H&M // Jumper, Vero Moda // Culottes, Penneys/Primark // Shoes, Zara

If every one of us performed one act of kindness, or made one positive choice or change, just imagine what the world might look like.

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