The "Sadhbhers" Evolution

Oh, how the time flies! I set up "Sadhbhers" a few years ago as a platform to showcase, develop and document my style. As the year comes to an end, I love looking back on old photos and old memories, as I mentioned in an earlier post, The Beginning's End - so today I've decided to put together a collection of pictures from each of my outfit posts since I first began my "Sadhbhers" adventure. I've also left some clickable links to my favourite/similar below

Autumn/Winter 2016

Obviously my most recent outfits are still my current go-to's - I even wore my favourite floral dress on Christmas Eve! I'm also a major fan of woolen knits at the moment. H&M currently stock some of my faves. And of course, what would life be without a good pair of black jeans? Shop these looks and similar below

These outfits are also recents - you can catch them under the fashion tab of my blog. I've been experimenting with lots of different trends over the past few months - from military chic to metallics, I've tried them all! Shop my look and similar below

Summer 2016

The Summer of 2016 sought fresh, crisp colours. Although some of my outfits were overly optimistic with regards to the weather, many focused on keeping warm and season appropriate. White jeans were a go to, and a blazer was never far from reach

Summer was also full of cute bardots and colour popping heels. I adored the off the shoulder trend this Summer. Sunglasses were a go-to (despite the clear absence of any sunshine at all), and cute swimwear was a must

Spring 2016

Spring for me was all about staying fit and healthy. During my leaving cert, I really learnt the importance of looking after my body and mind, so a lot of my Instagram and blog posts featured not only study tips, but also updates on workouts and essentials

2015 & 2014

2015 featured many pieces that are still part of my wardrobe.. And many that are not, but I guess that's the thing about fashion - it is always changing. Style, however, is something that you acquire over time. As time passes by, I'd like to think that each day I'm one step closer to finding who I am, and a style expresses my personality

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