There's nothing I love more than taking time out to explore. Life is all about meeting new people, experiencing new things and making memories, so in the midst of college life and looming assignment deadlines, I managed to take some time out with The Red Brunette, Ailbhe Woods, to head to her favourite spot in the city for a little downtime. If you've been following me for a while, then I guess you'll know that the word "downtime" generally doesn't feature in my vocabulary - so it was nice to find somewhere quiet to shoot this look

T-Shirts, Primark/Penneys | Skirt, New Look | Heels, Primark/Penneys | Purse, Michael Kors | Choker, New Look

The move to the city left me feeling a little bit claustrophobic at first. Being so far from the sea just seems so uncomfortable - but when I found this spot I felt a little bit more like I was at home again. It's so quiet, yet you can see nearly the entire city!

I absolutely adore metallics this season. Something about them just reminds me that Christmas is on the way, so naturally I couldn't leave this pastel pink metallic skirt behind me when I spotted it in New Look a few weeks ago. I decided to team the look with orange Primark/Penneys heels and my favourite Michael Kors purse - just to add a pop of colour to the look.

I decided to layer two Primark/Penneys recent purchase on top, simply because I cannot deal with how cold it is lately! It's really time to start layering up, so next time you see me I'll probably look three stone heavier, but I promise you it's not me - it's just the layers!

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