Life Lately: Moving Out & Settling In

Life has been beyond hectic lately, so I figured it was about time I shared a little life update with you guys! If you're following me on Snapchat (sadhbh4), or even on Twitter or Instagram, then I guess you already know that my life has been full of change. Everything seems so new and different - from moving out to starting college - and I'm only just about beginning to settle in. I guess I expected lots of minor adjustments, but trust me, there's been a lot of major ones along the way too, so here's what's been happening in my life lately;

Moving Out

I guess for most of us the big move is the most daunting of all these changes, and while it may seem simple enough, who would have thought that cooking and cleaning would take so much time. I guess it really makes me appreciate the little things, like my dads mashed potatoes, and even my sisters singing! It's not all that bad though, I promise! It's great to have my own space - and of course I'm so lucky to be living with the nicest bunch of girls, which really makes the move that little bit easier

My Course

I'm not going to lie, I was really worried that the course I chose wouldn't suit me. I spent the days before and even after the CAO Change of Mind deadline contemplating which course would be best for me (you can change your mind after the deadline FYI). I put Commerce with Irish on the top of my application, and so far I'm delighted that I did. Everything about the course suits me and seems to be pointing me in the right direction career-wise
My Life

As you know, so much has changed within the past few weeks that my routine is completely all over the place (hence the lack of blog posts). I seem to be busy pretty much all of the time, but as I begin to settle in, I'm sure that it won't be long until everything goes back to normal!

Until next time,

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