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Hola Chicas! Today's post is something a little different - for their 'Mind Yourself' campaign, Independent.ie asked me to discuss my Happy Place - and while teen culture might lead a lot of you guys to believe that I spend all my time moping around my room like a hormonal teenager, I can happily assure you that my bedroom is 100% not my Happy Place, and is reserved primarily for sleep and study

I guess everyone has a Happy Place, whether we like to admit to it or not, a place of chill vibes, where clouds only exist with silver linings, and here's mine;

Oh how I love to be by the sea

I'd like to say that this quaint spot is often a source of divine inspiration (blogspiration, schoolspiration, the list goes on..) but it's not. It's simply a place where I can clear my head, where more often than not the sound of the waves drown the noises in my head. And yes, it is rare that you'll find me here, but what is a happy place that is over visited? Absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder. I guess when we think of a happy place we probably think of alone time, but I guess for me this is definitely the opposite, after all - what is a happy place without a happy person? I spend most of my time here with my sister/photographer/motivator, Molly, and although you'll usually catch us messing around or shooting posts to discuss the importance of Benetton scarves or my favourite Topshop jeans, it is probably one of the few places where life doesn't quite exist, even if it's just for an hour or two

So consider this a piece of my life shared with you guys, as well as a myth busted - hormonal teens do not find happiness within the walls of their bedrooms,

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