Thursday, 25 August 2016


Hola Chicas! It has been way too long since my last #OOTD here on "Sadhbhers," but I've finally found the time (and the weather), to head out to shoot my latest go-to look. Getting ready for college is no easy feat, and I would be lying if I said that I haven't been spending the past few weeks stressing over registrations, leaving home and of course what I'm going to wear everyday. Everything seems to be happening so fast, so I today I opted for a timeless look - my favourite over-sized Zara shirt, versatile skinnies and a statement handbag

How cute are these Zara plimsolls?! These really tied the whole outfit together, taking a more vintage look into the twenty first century. I absolutely adore the ends of these skinny jeans too - they're really edgy and fun!

I can't believe that I'll be leaving home within the next few weeks. The whole concept of living without my family, cooking all my own meals and being completely responsible for waking up at a reasonable hour seems so alien to me - but I'm ready to welcome change into my life

Outfit, Zara

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Rose of Tralee Fashion Show 2016

If you're following me on snapchat (which you definitely should - sadhbh4), then I guess you'll already know that I was at The Rose of Tralee Fashion Show, on Sunday night. The Rose of Tralee annual fashion show is "one of the biggest platforms to showcase and support the indigenous fashion houses in Kerry, Limerick and nationwide." Along with being Ireland's biggest fashion show, it's also my favourite place to be during The Rose of Tralee Festival - from getting all dolled up to checking out all that only the best Irish boutiques have to offer, this fashion show never seems to disappoint!

Of course the whole night wouldn't be such a success without Ireland's fashion queen, Celia Holman Lee, whom I had the absolute pleasure of meeting briefly. She is such a beautiful woman, inside and out, so I guess it's safe to say I was a little bit starstruck in her presence - it's hard to believe that one woman could make such a successful fashion show!

For the night that was in it, I chose a beautiful Self Portrait dress and teamed it with a Melissa Curry cuff bracelet and earrings. As per usual, my favourite Primark/Penneys heels really tied the whole look together. 

Overall the night was a clear success - everything from the drinks at the door upon entry to the Best Dressed competition really went down a treat with the audience, and as usual Celia Holman Lee created an absolutely flawless night to remember

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards

What an absolute whirlwind this past week has been! From making it to the shortlist of the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards to finally receiving my Leaving Cert results, this week has been so full of excitement and I am so happy to be able to share every step of my journey with you guys! The support that I've received from family, friends and followers ever since I set up "Sadhbhers" has been absolutely phenomenal, and a simple "thank you," doesn't quite seem to be enough to express how grateful I am to everyone that has encouraged, motivated and supported me along the way

Making the shortlist of the Blog Awards this year was a real eye-opener for me, with my name appearing alongside some of my favourite bloggers SoSueMe and, and although I still have a lot of work to do before I can match my idols, these awards seem to be a stepping stone to the next stage of my journey - and I would absolutely love if you guys could help me reach the finals by taking a minute (or two.. but I promise it won't take any longer than that!), to vote for "Sadhbhers" under the Best Fashion Blog category right HERE

1. Head over to VOTING (right HERE)
2. Scroll all the way down to "Sadhbhers"
3. Click VOTE

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Life has been hectic (and probably always will be hectic!), but the more I grow and change everyday, the more I long to travel and explore. Each day my list of places to visit grows, and I spend too much time with my head in the clouds dreaming of all the places that I want to visit. So today I'm sharing that very list with you guys, along with my list of places to revisit too in a post completely dedicated to an incurable case of wanderlust 

1. Santorini, Greece
2. Berlin, Germany
3. St Petersberg, Russia
4. Venice, Italy
5. Prague, Czech Republic

1. Barcelona, Spain
2. New York, USA
3. London, Great Britain
4. Paris, France
5. Brittany, France

So from beaches to big cities, these are all the places I can't wait to visit, and even revisit during the next chapter of my life,

Until next time,


Friday, 12 August 2016

Beach Essentials

Outfit: HERE 

Yes, it may be August, but I have decided to make the most of the last few weeks of Summer. For those of you that know me or have been following me for the past few months, I guess you'll already know that there is no way I'd rather spend my Summer than at the beach. So that's what I've been doing every single day this Summer - I even work at the beach - so I'd like to consider myself to be a highly qualified beach day professional at this stage, so nonetheless, here are all my beach day essentials (and I've even popped clickable links to all my faves below!).

Beach ready with Missguided

1. The Beach Blanket
This is a can't-live-without must have piece. There is nothing worse than going to the beach and having nowhere to sit/lie without getting covered in sand. Primark/Penneys usually have beach blankets in stock during the Summer, but just about anything will do!

2. Sun Cream
This is a given.. or at least it should be a given. Every single time the sun comes out it seems as though the whole of Ireland turns red, and although you may tan underneath after, this is definitely a super avoidable situation. It's amazing how we all know so much about skin cancer and it's causes, yet we're all so slow to try to prevent it. I usually wear the La Roche Posay SPF 30

3. The Picnic
Is it really a beach day is you don't bring a super cute, totally insta-worthy picnic? Nah, I didn't think so. Bonus points for anyone that has a cute picnic basket (but if you don't, then don't worry - a backpack will do!). Oh, and don't forget the flask of hot chocolate!

4. Reading Material
Okay, so this isn't totally a beach essential when you're with a group of friends, but if you, like me, find yourself on your own at the beach then your favourite book or latest magazine can really help pass the time! For me, nothing says relaxation like an issue of Stellar magazine and some chill time on the beach!

5. The Sunglasses
An obvious essential - but for more reasons than one. The salt water always does crazy things to my hair, so I usually like to just wear my sunglasses in my hair after I go for a swim just so I look a lil' bit more normal - because my mane cannot be tamed

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

How to Survive the Leaving Cert

Ever since I finished my Leaving Cert back in June it seems as though everyone has been asking me for study tips, exam advice and general school survival. About a year ago, the Sadhbhers School Survival Guide (over HERE) got a great response, but I have so much more to share with all of you on how to survive exam seasons, the dreaded Leaving Cert and of course school life in general

I'm not going to lie (partially because I'm an awful liar, but primarily because we could all do with a dose of reality in life), the Leaving Cert is probably the worst thing you will ever have to encounter in your entire life - but don't worry, it does come to an end (eventually) - and I'm here to help make time fly a lil' bit quicker with all my top tips on how to survive the LC;

1. Make a Study Plan (..and stick to it!)

It'll seem as though everyone's telling you to make a study plan during fifth and sixth year, but no one's telling you exactly how to make it. I was never the kind of person who could stick to strict timetables, and I never will be - so I decided to make my study plan a little bit different. I scheduled certain hours for general study and certain times for breaks, but I decided not to set daily deadlines for myself. Each week I made out a list of everything I wanted to cover during the week, so every time I sat down to study I picked a few from the list and worked on them. It would have been ridiculous for someone with an attention span like me to allocate certain hours for certain subjects, so this tactic worked really well for me

2. Plot Target Results and Long-Term Goals

This is another tactic that worked really well for me. Before each exam I always plotted my targer results, and wrote down the actual ones afterwards. This really pushed me to work a little bit harder and allowed me to track my progress too. 

3. Stick Old Exams Around your Room 

This probably sounds 110% stupid, but it worked for me. Unlike most people, whenever I got a bad grade I tended to keep the results somewhere I could see them. Disappointment following some exams drove me to work harder. Similarly if I did good in another, I'd keep that close by too, so that any time I felt like I couldn't do it I had a little reminder that I could.

4. Make Time for Exercise

Even if you hate it, you know it's good for you (and besides, the Leaving Cert is so full of comfort eating, so you'll need to workout!). Running was my go-to - and it's probably the best sport to choose during the Leaving Cert too, because you can work it around your study schedule and anything else that might get in the way. 

5. Try To Get Out of the School at Lunch

Trust me, don't hang around at lunch, because you'll probably start going insane. It took me all too long to realise this. Just go for a walk and chill out somewhere completely non-school related if possible 

6. Eat Well and Sleep Well 

All that study and stress is so draining, and it's so easy to get sick if you're not eating or sleeping right, especially when you're under so much pressure. I decided to take Omega 3 & 6 supplements as well during the course of the year. Omega 3 is super important for healthy brain functioning (but I guess if you're studying Home Ec then you probably already know that, and you've probably already got a box too!). 

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hello August!

Wow, this Summer is just flying by! For the first time in a long time my Summer seems to be working out exactly as I've planned it - from work to play, and everything in between. If you're following me on Instagram (@sadhbhers) and Snapchat (sadhbh4), then I guess you've already noticed that I've been pretty busy embracing all the changes that life throws at me - but there's still a lot more to come!

Just last week my hair got the chop (which you'll know if you're following me on Twitter right HERE), Initially I was 110% heartbroken, but I guess I'm starting to get a lil' bit more used to it now. I'mm be talking all about the new 'do over on Snapchat (sadhbh4) later this week

Meanwhile I've decided to plan out each weekend to a tee, just so I can really make the most out of the Summer. From volunteering to beach days, I've been keeping myself super busy! There's so much to do in Ireland during the Summer, with different festivals and regattas on nearly every weekend - but part of me can't wait for Autumn to kick in, so I can finally have a lie-in without feeling guilty!

If you want keep up with my latest antics on a daily basis, don't forget to check out my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, (@sadhbhers)

Until next time,

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