Thursday, 30 June 2016

Trending: The Cold Shoulder

Hola Chicas! As promised, I'm back with a brand new post! Today I'm talking about my favourite Summer trend - the Bardot/ Off the Shoulder Look. As you might have noticed over on my Instagram (@sadhbhers), this trend has been creeping into my wardrobe, thanks to my latest Topshop purchase (which you can catch in an OOTD right HERE), and it's probably one of the most versatile trends this Summer. We may not have that Summer sun here in Ireland to pull off short shorts on the daily, but baring skin is not a no-go situation thanks to this off-the-shoulder trend!

There are so many ways to wear this trend - so I took to Pinterest to bring you guys some pinspiration before I could pick my top 5 off-the-shoulder/bardot faves. This is clearly a trend that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on shoes, accessories and whatever else you choose to wear it with - maybe that's what makes it my fave - I can wear the same bardot/off-the-shoulder to dinner as I can to the beach!

Nonetheless, I've compiled my top 5 faves (just in case you're planning on making a sneaky lil' purchase). Just click on the mini-pics below and you'll be linked directly to each!


Stripes are my go to (as you've probably seen in my latest OOTD over HERE). I don't know what it is about them that just screams Summer vibes. Living by the sea, I love to give my look that little nautical edge, so I picked my fave up in Topshop (it was a steal at €20), but I'm not going to lie - it's great to incorporate some fresh Summer colours into your wardrobe too - that's why I've included a pop of colour in my top five

It's clearly not shorts season right here in Ireland, so lets make it off-the-shoulder season! Drop a line to let me know all your thoughts on the cold shoulder trend, and how you like to style your bardot/off-the-shoulder picks!

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Beach Days

Hola Chicas! This evening I popped to the beach with my boyfriend, Eoin, to shoot this look. The weather has been so unpredictable lately, so as you can guess, we were beyond delighted with this rare bright spell! These pieces are a few of my faves. I picked them up just last week in Topshop (I'll leave the links to each piece below, promise). You might have even seem this top on my Instagram (right HERE), or on my Snapchat (@sadhbh4). 

As usual, I've teamed this look with my staple accessories - a woven Pandora necklace and my BYOS chain (which I talk all about over HERE). I love mixing metals lately, so these two seem to make the perfect match. And of course I couldn't resist popping on a few New Look rings, just to add a finishing touch to the look

I'm not going to lie, I fell in love with these shorts the moment I saw them. They're just so different, and the embroidery is too cute. The only real issue with them is that they're a bit too short, so I usually pop a shirt around my waist, just to avoid accidentally flashing anyone! Part of me feels like it's totally okay to wear things that are too short or too daring while you're young, so I'm just embracing all my latest fashion disasters!

I had to ditch my usual usual photographer today because of her hectic social life, who would have thought that an 11 year old would always be so busy?! Nonetheless, Eoin did a pretty good job!


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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Debs Clutch Essentials

Hola Chicas! With the Leaving Cert finally well and truly over it's getting pretty clear that Debs season is just around the corner. At this stage you should (hopefully) have the dress, the shoes and maybe even the bag, so today I'm talking all the last minute bits and pieces that you should pop into your bag before heading off. As you all know, I had my debs last October (you can find out all about it right HERE) , so today I'm just speaking from experience - don't worry if you can't get your hands on some of these, either way I'm sure your night will be spectacular!

1. Compeed Blister Patches
These are particularly important for the girls that dare to wear heels all night. I like the compeed ones because they come in a little pocket size box, so you don't have to leave them loose in your bag. Thankfully these are only €7.99 in Boots (right HERE) and you can pick up a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on the shoes you're going to wear

2. Safety Pins

Say no to wardrobe malfunctions and save lives by taking the time to pack a few extra safety pins into your bag. Trust me, at least one person will have a wardrobe malfunction, so do not let that person be you. I'm pretty sure you can find these in nearly every chemist, and maybe even in supermarkets too

3. Lipstick/Gloss

Most of you will probably get your makeup done for the big day, so it's a really good idea to bring along some of your own favourite lip products so you'll have the exact colour to reapply during the night. Pack all your lippy's into a bag and get your makeup artist's advice on which one would work best with your look. Personally I would be inclined to avoid matte lip products. It's going to be a long day/night, so comfort is so important!

4. Hairpins

If your hair isn't 110% loaded with hairpins like mine was, then you should definitely pop a few bobby pins in your bag.. Even if you don't need them, I'm sure one of your friends will

5.  Chewing Gum

Save yourself from all the self conscious vibes by popping a pack of gum in your bag. After all, you never know how much garlic/onions will feature during your meal! * WARNING: If you really do not want to share, do not open your packet of chewing gum in public*

So that's my top five, or at least that's what I managed to fit into my clutch anyway! Depending on your makeup, your tan and your general requirements you could add blotting paper, deodorant or even a mini phone charger - but really, that's up to you! The most important thing is to really just enjoy your night with all your friends, after all each of you will soon be wrapped, sealed and shipped off to college for lots of new adventures with lots of new people!

Until next time,


Thursday, 23 June 2016

"LIPKIT BY KYLIE" - The Review

Hola Chicas! If you're following me over on Instagram (@sadhbhers), then you'll already know that somehow I managed to get my hands on my very own LipKit By Kylie just before the exams, so I have finally gotten around to writing up a review on it! From it's price to it's colour, here's all my latest thoughts on Kylie's Koko K;

I'm not going to lie, I am a big Kylie Jenner fan, and of course I spend a lot of my time keeping up with the Kardashians, and so I was beyond excited when I heard that King Kylie was releasing her very own lip products. After all, she is the queen of good lip days. It seemed impossible to get my hands on one of these at first, however one night as I scrolled through Instagram I noticed that she had announced a restock, so right there and then I decided to get my hands on Koko K while I could! Impulsive buy, I know, but I figured I deserved it after all the studying I had been doing. Anyway, down to the nitty gritty, here's my thoughts on Kylie Jenner's LipKit in Koko K;

The Packaging
I'm not going to lie, that LipKit packaging is the most insta-worthy packaging there is. But could we really expect any less from the insta-goddess that is Kylie Jenner? I guess not. The attention to detail was really great. Not only was the Lipliner and Lipstick decorated really well, but so was the box they were packaged in, and even the box they were posted in too!

The Price
At first I had thought the price was a tad steep when you included shipping. It came to about €40 including shipping, but I guess that's pretty great when you compare it with high end brands such as Mac. You'd probably spend just about the same amount of money buying a Mac liner and lippy

The Lipstick
This lipstick seems super light weight and dries quickly too. Very quickly - but I guess that's a good thing! Unless you've done a really bad application job. In that case, good luck with trying to get it off, because that lippy is there to stay! Surviving through my lunch and even the five million glasses of
water I drank while studying quickly placed this lipstick in my top 5 faves! Considering that this lipstick is matte, I was also so surprised that this one didn't dry out my lips for once - all hail King Kylie!

The Lipliner
I'm not going to lie, Kylie's lipliner beat every Mac liner I own. It's super soft and glided on pretty easily. It was a tad darker than the actual lipstick, but the difference really wasn't that noticeable. What I really loved about this liner was that it actually lasted. Overall I'm 100% impressed!

The Colour
My colour choice was pretty impulsive, I'm not going to lie. I knew I had to pick quickly, before they were all sold out so I nabbed Koko K. After all, I needed a nice light pink for the Summer.

So overall, I'm pretty confident that this is one of the best matte liquid lipsticks on the market right now. If you don't have one then I'd definitely recommend getting one, because this lipstick is just the definition of perfection. Is it worth the hype? Absolutely 100% yes.

All my love,



Tuesday, 21 June 2016

VLOG: Believe in You

Hola Chicas,

Welcome to! I have finally updated my domain name, and I'm not gonna lie, the process in purchasing an .IE domain is time consuming, tedious and of course expensive. On top of that I've also gotten around to making my first vlog of the summer (*insert applause*), so as you can tell I've spent the last few days working my butt off. 

Anyway, here are all my thoughts on self-belief! Don't forget to give me a thumbs up or maybe even subscribe if you enjoy my latest vlog;

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Saturday, 18 June 2016


I am finally free. I have finally finished the Leaving Cert, and while this should be one of the most exciting times of my life, a part of me is feeling a little bit lost. A part of me is worried about the future, and a part of me is wishing that my only worries were what was going to come up on an exam paper, but I guess that's the small price you pay for freedom, and for growing up. I am stepping into the unknown, and quite frankly I am scared

I am scared that this next part of my life might not be as predictable as the last.. But isn't that what life is all about? The future is so scarily beautiful. I have yet to figure out what I want to do with my life, or at least try to before the CAO change of mind deadline, and I wish that someone, or anyone, could tell me what to do, but this time I must make the decision on my own. This freedom is so scarily beautiful

Perhaps what is most exciting about this newfound freedom is that it is not like anything I have ever experienced before. It's not the same as your average "I'm on Summer holidays" kind of freedom. It's more of an "I could live there.. or I could live here" kind of freedom. I have so many decisions to make, and yet it seems as though I have so little time to make them. By September many of us will be wrapped, sealed and shipped off to a new temporary home. This concept is so exciting that it scares me

But I must rise and accept the challenges that face me, for that is the small price I must pay for this newfound freedom,

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