Sunday, 28 September 2014


Aaand I'm back, with yet another Outfit Post! I absolutely love Pull & Bear right now, everything is just so cute - so here's how I styled one of my many super recent purchases from Pull & Bear!

I absolutely love clashing prints, but it can be so hard to find a subtle way of incorporating this trend into your wardrobe, so I teamed two shirts together, for a bit of a different look. I found my plimsolls in the 70% off Asos sale, make sure you check out the sale over HERE, there are some huuuge reductions! 

Hotdog t-shirt, Pull & Bear // Shirt, H&M // Jeans, H&M // Plimsolls, Asos // Fedora, H&M


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

It's been absolutely yonkers since my last "On Wednesdays.." post, but it's back! So this Autumn it's all about encorporating your favourite colour into your wardrobe with warmer hues and tones! I love this look, it's very classy and sassy, so it's definitely a very versatile outfit.

On Wednesdays..

This beautiful dress is a tad expensive, but it's definitley worth it! The material and finish is so fab! I found this one in Warehouse, for €84, click the link HERE to take a peek!                                                      

I themed this one with some very minimal accessories, the dress is so beautiful on it's own, so I really don't want to take from the effect! This bun garland really adds to the outfit, bringing this dress right into the heart of Autumn, €4.99, New Look - find it HERE!
Deep Red (Red) Dark Red Rose Garland Bun Hairband | 306384962 | New Look

Aaand of course I picked an oh-so-preppy bag to co with this look, so it really makes this outfit versatile for almost any occasion! This one is from LYDC, for €46.50, find it HERE! And if you're looking for something similar but a bit more cheap and cheerful, I'm pretty sure I saw a lookalike over in Penneys/Primark recently ssshhhh!!


And finally (maybe even most importantly) the shoes! These ones are on sale for €36.11, Missguided, so hurry while they're still there! Click HERE to link to the page!!

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ahoy Sailor..!

Aloha! Yet another OOTD, but first make sure you enter my Facebook competition over HERE pretty pretty pleeeaaasse!!

Today I've gone for a really cutesy look so I headed down to the sea (yet again) for another photoshoot with the oh-so-fabulous Molly Sullivan - possibly the best nine year-old photographer in the whole entire world!!

Today I went for a really edgy nautical look, so I teamed this uber bright jumper with my number one faaavourite striped skirt! As you can probably tell I'm absolutely loving my new Toms, they're so versatile - they go with absolutely everything!! My gold chain is definitely a huge statement - and weight too! It weighs a tonne, but hey I'll go through it all in the name of fashion!!

Jumper, Penneys/Primark // Skirt, H&M // Chain, Only // Toms, Office // Purse, Topshop

Once again I have yet another loom band anklet! My sister made this one for me especially to match today's outfit. Just incase you haven't quite got the hang of how to make a loom band necklace, bracelet, anklet or pretty much anything else head over HERE to find out how!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

*** Competition Time!! ***

Finally, to celebrate my all new look over here at Sadhbhers, I'm giving one lucky follower all these handbag essential goodies!! From clothes rollers to false lashes, here's everything you need for the perfect night out! To enter, all you have to do is head over to Facebook, like my page and comment a friends name riiiight HERE!!


Monday, 1 September 2014

Ssshhh..Secret Socks..!

Secret Socks

I've gotten a super huge amount of questions on what to wear underneath the my Toms, cons or plimsolls, so here's the secret! These socks are sooo cute and better still, you don't even see them when your wearing low shoes! As uncomfortable as they look, trust me they're not! And better still they're only €7 in H&M, so grab them while you still can!!
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