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If you're following me on Snapchat (sadhbh4), Instagram (@sadhbhers) or even Facebook (/sadhbhers), then I guess you've already caught up with a few of my favourite snaps from my recent trip to Germany with my boyfriend, Eoin. If you haven't, or even if you're looking for a bit more deets on my travels, then you've come to the right place. Today I'm sharing some of my favourite moments and photographs with you guys in my first ever travel diary

Day 1

We spent the first day of our trip exploring the small town of Eitorf (pronounced eye-torf, although I'm sure I never quite managed to pronounce it properly over the course of the trip), where we were staying. It was nice to take some time out to just chill, and while I had imagined that I would be so utterly lost without wifi 24/7, don't worry, I survived! It was so cold and snowy out that I decided that I had to dress up as cosy as possible - and of course, no makeup, no worries

Day 2

Day 2 consisted of a train journey to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to - Bonn. Getting there involved two train journeys, a whole lot of confusion and, well, I guess a little bit of luck. We left early, so we arrived at about 9:30am. Pretty much everything was closed until ten, asides from a few cute bakeries, and so we explored the city, and all of it's pretty buildings until we eventually reached Beethoven-Haus (basically, Beethoven's House). Most of you probably don't know that Beethoven is my favourite composer - after all how often does classical music come up in normal conversation? I've been playing piano since I was 7 years old, so music has always been a pretty big part of my life, and so entering his home was weirdly fascinating. Although absolutely everything was written in German, Eoin speaks German, so thankfully translating everything was no big deal. Afterwards we grabbed a spot of lunch and wandered the city a little bit more, getting lost and finding our way over and over again

The first of many pretty buildings we spotted

The Beethoven Statute, Bonn

The three pictures above are from our trip to the Beethoven-Haus. The first two from the outside, and the last from the back of the house

Day 3

Our third day in Germany consisted of a whole lot of exploring. We decided to visit Blankenberg a small, medieval town/village (just like the ones that you see in the history books), so went for a little walk through the woods and eventually wound up at a train station in Merten where we managed to get a train to the village. It was such a quiet, quaint spot. We wandered around for a little bit until we decided it was about time we grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to the train station

Day 4

We made an early rise on day 4 of our trip to visit Cologne. Eoin's uncle drove us to the city, and we arrived at about ten. Here we spent the day exploring all our favourite shops, and doing a little bit of sight-seeing. It seemed as though there was so much to see, and that we just didn't have enough time to see it all! We arrived home a little later than usual, but it was definitely worth it. The lack of pictures for this day comes down to the fact that I was convinced that I had forgotten my camera.. But I found it in my handbag on the train home *sigh*

At the train station, Cologne

The Christmas lights in Eitorf

Day 5

We took a little bit of a break from all the touristing on Saturday. It was nice to just chill for a little bit. During the day we popped into town to grab a few pastries, and we walked through the park in the snow

Day 6

On our sixth and final day before travelling home, we decided to revisit Cologne. Because it was a Sunday, all the shops were closed so we spent the day visiting museums and popping in and out of cute bakeries. My favourite was the art museum, Museum Ludwig - which was full of all kinds of genres and styles of art. The museum was four stories tall, so by the time we left I think it's safe to say that we were pretty exhausted!

The trip was definitely a great way to begin 2017 - a year that I am sure will be full of lots of adventure, learning, growth and change - and it's safe to say that I couldn't have asked for a better travel buddy

Until next time,

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  1. Nice post! I love travel diaries, they are always so interesting to read and it looks like you had a wonderful time in Germany. I went Germany in 2013 and I found it so interesting.


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