Urban Decay X Alice Through the Looking Glass

Hola Chicas! If you're following me on Snapchat (sadhbh4) then I guess you'll already know that I have been lusting over the Urban Decay X Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette for far too long - and after months (yes, literally months) of searching I have finally managed to get  my hands on it! Was it really worth the wait? Find out below..


I guess it's pretty safe to say that Urban Decay is no stranger to creating the most photogenic packaging imaginable. Everything about this - from the little messages to the hidden butterfly - just screams Alice in Wonderland, and I guess that's part of the reason why I just had to have this palette. Urban Decay are known for thinking outside the box, so I guess anything less would have been disappointing 


This palette came to a grand total of €49 (in Debenhams, Mahon Point Shopping Centre). With a total of 20 shadows, this means that each one costs €2.45 - which I was pretty impressed with! 


It's pretty clear that this palette is super versatile. From neutral hues to daring shades, it seems to have a bit of everything.The palette is arrange in columns, bottom to top, each of which represent a character from Alice Through the Looking Glass (Alice, the Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth and Time), which I am a major fan of. Not only does it give you all the shades you could possibly need, but it also matches the shades for you, which is super handy for a lil' bit of makeup inspo


Okay, so if I really have to go picking faults - then I guess I have to talk about the palette's pigmentation. I'm not going to lie - I was slightly disappointed when I realised that I'd have to wear an eyeshadow primer with these shadows for full colour pay-off.

Although variety is the spice of life, there's definitely some shades that I prefer over all the others. Without a primer, paradox seemed to disappoint, however the shades Royal Flush and Looking Glass seemed really natural and of course perfect for everyday use

So overall, would I recommend this palette? Of course, but don't stress out if you can't get your hands on it - Urban Decay seem to be upping their game everyday, and it won't be long until the makeup world goes crazy over something new (*cough* the Moondust palette is divine)

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  1. The pigmentation seems a bit disappointing but other than that I'm sure it's amazing! I really need to invest in some more brighter shades, I tend to stick to nudes and browns for everyday but these would be fab to work with on a night out!



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