"Koko K" Gloss - The Review

If you've been following me on Instagram, Twitter, or even Snapchat (sadhbh4), then you probably already know that I've been obsessing over Kylie Cosmetics ever since I bought the "Koko K" lipkit (which you can read all about right HERE). I loved the shade so much just a few weeks ago when I was organising the super fab giveaway that I'm running at the moment over on Facebook and Instagram, I decided to treat myself the the "Koko K" gloss. Was it as good as the matte lippy? Find out below..


As usual, it's really difficult to find any faults with Kylie's totally insta-worthy packaging. What's not to love? I'm not gonna lie, I was a little apprehensive when I saw the wand - I think I'd prefer something more sturdy. Despite that, the gloss is just as pretty as the matte - I promise!


The gloss came to $15, which is about €13.That seems like a pretty good price until you factor in the $15 shipping fee, so I guess if you're thinking of buying a gloss, I'd really recommend that you buy something else too - just so you're not spending all that money on one product! I bought the limited edition Leo lipkit with this (which I've popped into my giveaway, so make sure you head over HERE to enter!)


Like pretty much all of Kylie's other products, the gloss is pretty pigmented, but I would definitely recommend wearing a liner underneath, just to make sure it doesn't stray - you could even wear it over a "Koko K" matte!

Compared to the matte "Koko K," the shade does seem slightly different, which is a little disappointing to be honest, but either way I really do love the shade! I'm not usually a gloss kind of gal, but I think this Kylie Cosmetics pick has definitely converted me!

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  1. Nice post! As someone who doesn't really get the whole hype on the lip kits, it's nice to see what they are like. I love the colour.

  2. I haven't tried these out yet so thank you for the honest review! I might get over the price of the shipping and actually try these out soon :) x



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