Hello August!

Wow, this Summer is just flying by! For the first time in a long time my Summer seems to be working out exactly as I've planned it - from work to play, and everything in between. If you're following me on Instagram (@sadhbhers) and Snapchat (sadhbh4), then I guess you've already noticed that I've been pretty busy embracing all the changes that life throws at me - but there's still a lot more to come!

Just last week my hair got the chop (which you'll know if you're following me on Twitter right HERE), Initially I was 110% heartbroken, but I guess I'm starting to get a lil' bit more used to it now. I'mm be talking all about the new 'do over on Snapchat (sadhbh4) later this week

Meanwhile I've decided to plan out each weekend to a tee, just so I can really make the most out of the Summer. From volunteering to beach days, I've been keeping myself super busy! There's so much to do in Ireland during the Summer, with different festivals and regattas on nearly every weekend - but part of me can't wait for Autumn to kick in, so I can finally have a lie-in without feeling guilty!

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Until next time,

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