How to Wear Stripes

Ah stripes, the essential part of a timeless wardrobe - a part of our style that dates back years. Although they are a wardrobe staple for many of us, it's pretty clear that they can often act as the devil in disguise - looking either so wrong or so right. So today I'm talking about all my striped favourites and how you can incorporate them into your wardobe

Petite & Plus-Size:
Vertical stripes are great for petite and plus sized women. Think of your clothes as pieces of art - vertical lines will draw the eye up and down, rather than across - elongating the body and concealing problem areas. Kate over on knows exactly how to rock vertical stripes in this maxi dress

Body Conscious
Thin stripes or pin stripes are most suited to those of us who want a more slimming effect. Usually bold, thick lines can draw the eye to all the wrong places - so thinner stripes are perfect for anyone that's a lil' body conscious. 

image courtesy of tumblr

The Crowd Pleaser
AKA the classic Breton stripes - these suit 99.9999% of the worlds population, and are most commonly associated with a nautical look. I even wore them right HERE in one of my favourite OOTD's.

For the Adventurous:
If you really want to try something a lil' different, you should try mixing the directions of stripes and maybe even their colours, just like the Topshop dress I've pictured below. Taylor knows exactly how to mix it up with this variation of stripe width

And of course, these are my all important current faves - with clickable links below! Let me know how you're wearing your stripes this season;


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