Today's #OOTD is brought to you by my lil' old sun burnt self feat. outrageous tan lines (which I'm only hoping didn't show up in these pictures!). How unpredictable is this Irish weather?! Nonetheless, I've been spending every minute of every day by the sea, because I know that I'll be heartbroken when I make it to college and realise that I won't quite feel at home anymore without being surrounded by water

I had been meaning to shoot my latest H&M dress for the past few weeks, but something about it didn't quite suit me, so for this shoot I decided to convert it into a bardot using a nude hair tie (so creative, I know *cue applause*). And of course if you're following me on Twitter (which you should be, catch me right HERE @sadhbhers), you'll know that I recently popped into Primark/Penneys and picked up my favourite pair of flats of all time for only €9! I love white shoes this season - so these were quickly added to my wardrobe

And of course my Primark/Penneys anklets are rarely removed from my ankles lately - I absolutely love them! I also paired this look with an old basic Missguided A-Line skirt (which may be a little too short, but life's too short so I think it's okay to be a little daring sometimes)

Until next time,

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