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Trending: The Cold Shoulder

Hola Chicas! As promised, I'm back with a brand new post! Today I'm talking about my favourite Summer trend - the Bardot/ Off the Shoulder Look. As you might have noticed over on my Instagram (@sadhbhers), this trend has been creeping into my wardrobe, thanks to my latest Topshop purchase (which you can catch in an OOTD right HERE), and it's probably one of the most versatile trends this Summer. We may not have that Summer sun here in Ireland to pull off short shorts on the daily, but baring skin is not a no-go situation thanks to this off-the-shoulder trend!

There are so many ways to wear this trend - so I took to Pinterest to bring you guys some pinspiration before I could pick my top 5 off-the-shoulder/bardot faves. This is clearly a trend that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on shoes, accessories and whatever else you choose to wear it with - maybe that's what makes it my fave - I can wear the same bardot/off-the-shoulder to dinner as I can to the beach!

Nonetheless, I've compiled my top 5 faves (just in case you're planning on making a sneaky lil' purchase). Just click on the mini-pics below and you'll be linked directly to each!


Stripes are my go to (as you've probably seen in my latest OOTD over HERE). I don't know what it is about them that just screams Summer vibes. Living by the sea, I love to give my look that little nautical edge, so I picked my fave up in Topshop (it was a steal at €20), but I'm not going to lie - it's great to incorporate some fresh Summer colours into your wardrobe too - that's why I've included a pop of colour in my top five

It's clearly not shorts season right here in Ireland, so lets make it off-the-shoulder season! Drop a line to let me know all your thoughts on the cold shoulder trend, and how you like to style your bardot/off-the-shoulder picks!

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