Be Your Own Success

It takes time to realise what success really means. All too often we wake up in the morning and base our successes on exam results, jobs and qualifications. We worry about facts and figures and the little boxes that society place us in as we strive for a materialistic success. As I continue to grow and change every day on my journey through adulthood, which has only just begun, the meaning of success is constantly changing, and it has taken some time to come to the realisation that I have the power to choose what success means to me, and I have finally realised that I am my own success. I am my dreams, my ambitions and I believe that I have the power within me to become anything I want.

This realisation all seemed to fall into place on my eighteenth birthday. Surrounded by my family as I opened their gifts; goldfish and a new bag but to name a few, I was surprised to see a small silver envelope. I recognised the envelope immediately, it was one I had seen many times before, after all my mother is an avid wearer of Melissa Curry’s* pieces, and I was beyond excited. She knows me well, so it was no surprise to see that she had picked a piece that I could relate to. One that is versatile, yet meaningful – Be Your Own Success

For me, this piece is so much more than just a necklace. It's a reminder that I control my fate, my successes and my failures, and it's a gentle push that keeps me working to attain my goals and aspirations. It's a piece of my parents that I can wear, and it gives me the confidence I need to get through even the worst of days, simple because by wearing it, I know that I am my own success

Dress, H&M // Necklace, BYOS - Melissa Curry // Shoes & Sunglasses, H&M

It's so important to realise that you are the only one that controls your destiny, and being young this can be hard to believe, but everyday brings a new opportunity. Each day presents itself with a whole new set of possibilities and challenges waiting to be discovered and I've finally come to realise that I determine how my day goes. I determine whether I am happy or sad, whether I surround my self with people who encourage or discourage me, and no one can take these choices away from me

And being a female in twenty first century Ireland is no easy feat, but you probably already know that. It is so important that all of us realise that we are all experiencing difficulties, each and every one of us, so how is it that we rarely support each other? In a society that is so quick to judge, I feel like it's time for us all to begin to understand that everything we say and everything we do has an impact. So why be negative? It's time for us to help each other. It's time to create more opportunities for each other, to help each and every one of us shine

Because some people can't do it on their own

If I could give you all with a Melissa Curry Be Your Own Success* I would, because we all need a little something that reminds us of the power we have within to succeed. We all need to know that we are so close to the success we crave. 

Success is self discovery



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