Instagram Diary #10

Hola Chicas! It's been a while, so I figured it was time for a lil' life update. I am finally 18 and I really don't feel like I am yet! I had my first drink on Friday (my birthday), despite preconceived notions that I already do drink - nope. I'm pretty sure I've told a few people I already do along the way, just to try to fit in a little better - but that's another story for a whole different blog post! I've been up the wall this past week, and I'll let you guys know a little more about that this Summer, because right now I'm taking a little bit of chill time before getting stuck back into studying tomorrow *sigh*

Don't forget you guys can catch all these and more over on my Instagram account (@sadhbhers)

You guys seemed to love my latest collab with Vesper Dresses (which you can catch a few posts before this one), and I must say I loved shooting them, so make sure you check them out asap. Meanwhile I've been surviving Leaving Cert primarily thanks to Issie's Chocolate - it's what dreams are made of

I'm also making more of an effort to put my polaroid camera to good use, even if it's only for a sneaky selfie. I spent my March 17th (St Patrick's Day), in my local town with my fam to watch the parade, so I kept my look really simple with a few basic versatile colours. I was beyond delighted when my parents got me my very own Melissa Curry piece - and I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing a lot more of it in my up coming posts

Until next time,

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