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Hola Chicas! It seems as though all I'm thinking about right now is exams, particularly with the pres (or mocks) right around the corner. A lot of people have asked me for tips on studying, and what I find most effective when I study, so I figured I should share a few of my top Study tips with you guys;

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1. Always study in a clean, well lit room; This is super, super important for me, and it's probably the only reason why my room is so tidy lately! It's all about Feng Shui for me when I study, so if my room isn't meticulous, I just cannot study in it

2. Recite notes out loud; This probably won't work for everyone, but usually I like to study by reading my notes out loud. It sounds silly, but try different tones, accents and always incorporate related facts. This is literally my go to study method

3. Don't set a strict timetable; It is impossible to know how much you're going to be capable of learning on a given day, so I avoid unnecessary stress by not setting strict timetables. I plan out what I want to get done during the week, so I know what I'm going to do but I'm not restricting myself to certain times

4. Don't keep your phone near you; Because refreshing Instagram once may seem harmless, but once turns into twice, three times.. you get the gist. Just don't even leave it near you.

5. Listen in class & always do homework; This is the basic method of subconsciously studying. If you don't pay attention in class then realistically you won't understand what's going on when you get home, and if you don't do your homework then all that new information just won't sink in - trust me on this one

image: - how do people write such beautiful notes?!

Stay focused,


  1. This is brilliant, especially the "Don't set a strict timetable" part!

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