It finally feels like spring, so what better way to kick off the good weather than with cute new kicks and a lil' bit of motivation to get outdoors and make the most of life. Life can be stressful, and the Leaving Cert can be even more stressful, so I feel like the only way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by exercising regularly. No excuses, just do it. For those of you only starting the New Year, New You right now, it's not too late to get that Summer bod you've been dreaming of - just catch up on my workout essentials over HERE and of course my workout playlist right HERE for a little bit of extra motivation

Sports Bra, Nike // T-shirt, Nike // Shorts, H&M // Runners, Nike

It finally feels acceptable to leave the house wear running shorts instead of pants with the recent change of weather, so I've chosen my all time fave H&M pair. These are perfect, especially with the undershort feature which fortunately prevents any flashing - which is always good considering that it's super windy 99% of the time. And indeed, the sports bra is the most important part of any workout look or workout in general, so you're definitely going to need one. Nike is my current go to for these

Some wild and wonderful part of me thought that this look would be totally okay to shoot without makeup or perfect hair. I was wrong, but nonetheless how many of us actually slay every time we're working out?

Keep Running, 

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