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Hola Chicas! The whole New Year, new you concept is something that can easily be applied to your handbag's "Feng Shui," so if you haven't already organised your bag then now is the perfect time to do that, because I've put together a list of all my handbag essentials and a few clickable links to all the pretties I've featured below;


1. A Beanie; Unpredictable Irish weather makes this one of my number one handbag essentials - because when it rains, it pours

2. Body Spray; This is my handbag go to above perfume - I just really don't like the idea of carrying a bottle of perfume around, especially considering that most of them are made of glass and that I'm 200% clumsy most of the time. On top of this, if I lose it, it's no biggie 

3. Lip Balm; Usually it's Carmex for me, becuase my lips are just always so dry, but for those rare days when they're not, a tinted lip balm is always handy to have

4. Concealer; Do I really need to explain why this one's made the list?

5. A Compact Mirror; This is just super handy because it shows all the blemishes that my front facing camera chooses to ignore

6. Chewing Gum or Mints; Because bad breath is just a no

7. Hair Ties & Pins; These are beyond important, especially for those windy days when you just cannot control your hair no matter how on fleek it was looking before you left home

8. Earphones; Important whilst on public transport or whilst generally feeling antisocial

9. Oil-Blotting Paper; When aren't these handy? If you're not into carrying around the paper, Benefit have a tonne of cool things you can try out to beat those oily skin blues

10. Sunglasses; For that rare and beautiful moment when the sun actually shines

Stay Fabulous,

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