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Hola Chicas! I guess a lot of you have already set out your New Year's Resolutions by now, and for a lot of us keeping fit is taking first place in our list of things to do this year, so just for that push in the right direction I've put together some of my favourite workout bits and pieces as well as a few essentials that you simply cannot exercise without;


So I feel like January is the month for monochrome workout gear, so these are my current favourties. I've popped some clickable links below so you guys can shop this look - but otherwise, here's what you need;

1. A Sports Bra; This is a must have. No matter what bra size you are, do not even dare exercise without your sports bra, okay? I wear the one pictured above, because I'm part of the itty bitty titty committee, but you should always buy a sports bra suitable for your size and for the level of exercise you do

2. Yoga Pants; This does not mean leggings. Your Penneys/Primark cotton leggings will not do, trust me I've tried using them. Nothing beats the support of a pair of good running pants. Unless I'm wearing shorts, you'll catch me in my Nike's, which are always a safe bet

3. A Good Pair of Runners; With emphasis on the word good. Always get advice when buying runners, and take into account the amount of exercise you will be doing in and the shape of your foot - everyone's different so some runners might not be suitable for you.

4. A Post-Workout Jumper; Never leave the gym in a t-shirt. No matter how warm you are you just have to pop on a jumper to avoid an unnecessary cold or flu, trust me

5. A Good Workout Tee; These are beyond important, particularly if your prone to sweating a lot. I always wear Nike's Dri-Fit t-shirts, but it's really important to find a brand, and a type that suits you

6. Water; This one is obvious. Pop your drink in a cute bottle for a bit of motivation to drink your daily requirement

7. Music; I usually use my iPhone and spend a whole workout regretting how I don't have an iPod shuffle or one of those bands you can wear on your arm to hold your phone - I really have to sort that issue out. But anyway music is a great motivator - especially songs with a good bass line

8. A Gym Bag; Keep all your gear in one place, and you will have absolutely no excuses to not work out

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