7 Reasons why January isn't so bad..

Hola Chicas! January is acclaimed for being one of the most depressing months of the year, but I guess it just takes a little PMA to get over those New Year blues - so here's a few reasons why it isn't that bad after all;

1. New Year's Resolutions
Yes, this can either go really right or really wrong, but hey if you follow my guidelines on how to set New Year's Resolutions over HERE then maybe, just maybe everything will go exactly to plan

2. More Sunlight
I know it's not a massive difference but hello to Vitamin D, I missed you! And of course getting home from school while it's still bright outside is always a good thing!

3. Sales
Wait, should this be number one? There is nothing like Sales shopping, because retail therapy and bargains make everything thing that little bit better. 

4. Exam Results
Well for a lot of us Secondary School Students. And results means corrections which essentially means that there won't be many tests for a few more weeks

5. Fresh Trends
Finally we're getting read for those Spring trends again, something fresh and something new - pastels and colour popping pieces are high on my wishlist this Spring!

Until Next Time,

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  1. I totally agree with you that January isn't too bad especially with the sales.



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