"SADHBHERS" on learning to love yourself


The ability to love yourself does not arrive overnight. There is no moment of divine inspiration, or no one telling you how to get over some of your biggest insecurities. We all learn to love ourselves in different ways, so here's my story;

I can't exactly say when I became comfortable with myself, the same way as I can't exactly say that I'm 100% comfortable with myself everyday, but a few years ago I was not the type of girl that heads out on the weekends to shoot a sneaky blog outfit post, or even one that could rock up to a party in killer heels - something inside me just felt unworthy

Picture this; you're nine years old, just about to rock up to your very first ballet class in your pink tights and a wine leotard that you had to borrow from your moms friend. So you arrive at class, and it's great - just as good as you expected it to be really, but something is eating away at you. Every one around you seems so skinny. You're not fat, let's make that clear - but you're not exactly skinny either, and you spend the whole class sucking in your tummy, just so no one notices that you're different 

I guess that was me. At that moment, the nine year old me just knew that something had to change, and that I had to change in order to feel comfortable with myself again. It takes a lot sometimes, to stop yourself from criticising how you look - but in time I guess you realise that everyone, every body is different, and that with a positive attitude, you have the ability to do almost anything

That's not saying that there won't be bad days, but that the ability to cope with these days really is something beautiful, and takes more strength than anyone could even imagine.Your shape and appearance don't define who you are - you make the final decisions. You get to choose your fate, and whether you surround yourself with positivity, or choose to allow yourself to seep through the gaping cracks in society into the sea of people in this world that are marred by their own self-consciousness, and lack of self confidence.

But I choose to be happy, and I choose to be me,

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