Life Update & Instagram Diary #7

Hola Chicas! My Christmas blogger break has finally ended, and although I've only been gone a week, it feels as though I haven't posted in forever! And what a week it has been - from Christmas Exams to an excessive amount of shopping, life has just been so hectic lately - so here's just a few of the things that I've been up to at the moment, and you guys can catch up with my daily shenanigans over HERE;

I guess it looks like a lot of what I've been up to involves eating, but I promise you it hasn't! I've just finished my Christmas Exams, so I took a trip to Cork with my boyfriend, Eoin, just for some last minute Christmas shopping. Otherwise I guess I've spent a lot of time wrapping Christmas presents - trust me, I'm a pro-wrapper at this stage

Nutella with my name on it?! Yes, my life is 100% complete, I can't even bring myself to open in because it's just too cute, despite my Nutella addictions. We've been decorating the house lately too, and of course Christmas just could not be right without a visit to Santa! 

Holla to an honours in my grade 8 piano exam! I was so shocked to see this, considering the fact that I spent the whole day crying after the exam because I thought I failed! And of course a week of exams & study meant that my insta-feek (over HERE) was jam packed with sneaky throwbacks, so pop over and take a look!

Until next time,

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