December Playlist

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It legit does not feel like there's only 13 days 'til Christmas, but seriously, it cannot come fast enough. With my Christmas exams just next week, it's super important to stay zen, so today I'm gonna show you guys my ultra zen Christmas playlist. And just a quick word of warning, posts next weeks may potentially be pretty sparse depending solely on the amount of cramming I've got to do for each exam, but hey - c'est la vie

1. Scars James Bay
2. Downtown Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
3. Hello Adele
4. BandAid 30 Various Artists
5. Santa Tell Me Arian Grande
6. Love Yourself Justin Bieber
7. All I Want for Christmas is You Mariah Carey
8. Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift
9. Same Mistakes Paper Aeroplanes

Stay sassy, stay classy,

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