Santa's Belly, Shower JELLY?!

Hola Chicas! If you're following me on Instagram (over HERE) then you guys probably already saw some of the absolutely amazing bits and pieces that the fabulous girls of LUSH Cork saved for me after their Christmas blogger party - and "Santa's Belly Shower Jelly" was amongst the hoard

Yes, it's actually a jelly - and while this weirded me out a bit, I guess I was pleasantly surprised! I have to admit that at first I couldn't figure out how to use this, but in the end the easiest way seemed to be my using one of those cute pink little fluffy sponge things to make a lather on top before applying it 

Hello, do you see those little stars?! I'm in love with the rich colour too! Surprisingly enough, the scent of this one isn't the expected Christmas cinnamon kind, but more of a fresh scent - which is something I really love about it - and I guess it's going to be a bit of a *sigh* moment when this leaves the store after Christmas

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