Sadhbhers: Winter Essentials

Bonjour mes amis - In light of all the recent tragedies, I wasn't so sure if I should even be posting today, so I figured I'd scrap my scheduled OOTD, and that I'd just write a little bit on my Winter Essentials, and all the things that will help make your Winter a little easier too;


1. Cute Pyjamas; I'm not talking random pyjama pants and an overworn tee here, I'm talking full on matching set - because there is nothing better in the world than people that co-ordinate their pyjamas

2. Advent Calendar; Whether this ones full of chocolate, nail polish or even makeup, I think Advent Calendars are an absolute must, so if you're looking for your fave beauty calendar make sure you pick it up super soon before they're all sold out

3. Beanies; The kind with the cute pom-poms on top.

4. An Umbrella; And if it's windy then don't use an umbrella. I repeat, do not use an umbrella

5. Scented Candles; Nothing says Christmas like some scented candles, although 99% of the time I do not trust myself enough to have candles lighting in my room *cringe moments*

6. Hot Chocolate; I am 142824% guilty of overdosing on hot chocolates during winter, if that's even possible

7. Chunky Scarves; Do I even need to explain why?

8. Scrunchies; I don't know why, but I just feel that everyone needs a winter scrunchie collection

9. Fairylights;  Because caauuuute

10. Yoghurt 

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C'est tout pour la moment,

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